1.5kWp solar systems in the UK: Compare prices

by Solar Selections on February 8, 2013

Solar power system

Thinking about going solar but not sure which solar system size is best suited for your needs? This article is an overview of everything you might want to know about a 1.5kW solar system: Pricing, power output, and return on investment. Let Solar Selections help you compare 1.5kW solar system prices and components.

1.5kW solar systems: Cost

The first question for most people considering going solar is usually ‘What will it cost’? Thankfully, solar panel prices have come down dramatically in the UK (and the rest of the world) in the past few years. Systems can now be installed for around £1.31 per watt (W), on the lower end of the price range.

1 kilowatt (kW, also abbreviated as ‘kWp’ for ‘kilowatts-peak’) is equal to 1,000W. This means that prices for 1.5kW systems start at around £2,000 at the time of writing. Prices vary, of course, depending on the installer and the components used in the system.

If you’re interested in comparing solar installers and prices in your area, request a free Solar Quote Comparison from Solar Selections.

1.5kWp solar systems: Power output

1kWp of solar panel capacity will generate on average throughout the year approximately 2.35 kilowatt-hours per day (kWh, the measure of energy produced). Systems located in less sunny regions will generate less, and systems located in sunnier climes will produce more, but this figure is a good rule of thumb. (It’s also important to remember that systems will generate more than the average in summer months, and less than the average in winter.)

A 1.5kW solar system will produce approximately:

-2.35 x 1.5kWp = 3.53kWh per day (more in the summer, less in the winter)


- 3.53kWh x 365 days = 1,285kWh per year

Actual system performance will vary, of course, depending on the actual weather, the tilt and orientation of the solar panels, and the quality of the components used. The figures above are also conservative, and systems may display better performance than this. One Solar Selections customer in the north of England, for example, has a 4kWp solar system that has generated more than 4,120kWh in one year (over 1000kWh per 1kWp of capacity, vs 850kWh assuming a daily average of 2.35kWh per kWp).

1.5kWp solar systems: Return on investment

UK residents are investing in solar because of the money it promises to save them on their power bills. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems save homes and businesses money in 3 ways:

1) The ‘generation tariff’ component of the UK’s feed-in tariff pays system owners for every unit (kWh) of power that their system produces

2) The ‘export tariff’ component of the feed-in tariff pays system owners an additional small amount for each unit of power that they export to the electricity grid–i.e. a sort of ‘solar buyback’

3) For every unit of electricity that the home or business uses itself (i.e. does not export to the grid), they avoid the need to purchase money from the electrical grid and save money on their power bills (especially important considering the fact that power bills are rising across the UK)

Indicative savings & payback from a 1.5kWp solar system

The following are some indicative investment figures for a 1.5kWp solar system generating on average 2.35kWh of power per day, costing around £2,000 to install, and successfully applying for the current feed-in tariff rates (valid for 20 years). Actual figures may vary.

Payback period: 6 years

Annual return on investment: 15%

Quarterly savings: £78

Annual savings: £315

Read more: Solar panel payback times and return on investment.

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