20kWp solar systems in the UK: Prices, output, ROI

by James Martin II on January 7, 2013

20kWp solar PV system

What is the typical pricing for 20kWp (kilowatt-peak) solar systems in the UK? What kind of power output can the owner of a 20kWp solar farm or other commercial premises expect over the course of the day or the year? The following article is an overview of the typical costs, power output, and return on investment associated with solar PV systems with a capacity of around 20kWp.

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20kWp solar PV systems: From £24,000 (but ask about financing)

The cost of installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the UK has fallen dramatically over the past several years. One of the main drivers of this has been the UK’s feed-in tariff, the introduction of which by the UK government has resulted in historically unprecedented interest in going solar amongst homes, businesses, government, and investors. With this boom has come increased competition between solar system installers and solar panel and inverter manufacturers. The end result is better value deals for end-customers across the country.

10kW Commercial Solar Power Farm in Western NSW 250Although prices ranges up and down with component quality and installer expertise and special offers, it is possible to obtain a fully installed solar PV system of reasonable quality in the 20kWp capacity range in the UK for around £1.20 per watt. This means that pricing for a fully installed 20kWp solar farm starts at around £24,000. If up-front costs are an issue, it is also possible to find financing options for solar systems. (Contact Solar Selections for free advice about financing options for solar panels today.)

Whether they have already been considering solar power for some time or they are just starting to do preliminary research, our job is to help our customers find a system that suits their needs at a price that suits their budget. Read more about what we do.

Power output from 20kWp solar systems

Anyone who has solar panels installed on their roof wants the system to produce as much power as possible–the more power it produces, the greener it is and the more money its shaves off of power bills. The amount of power that a solar PV system generates depends on a number of variables. These include:

-Latitude and climate

-The orientation and tilt angle of the panel array

-Whether the panels are subject to shading from nearby objects (an example not to follow below)

Badly shaded solar panels

-Temperature of the solar panels (the cooler the ambient temperature is around the panels, the better they will perform)

-Suitability of the inverter to the solar panel array

-The specifications and quality of the components used in the installation

Once operational, a typical system in the UK can be expected to generate 2.35 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity for every kilowatt-peak (kWp) of capacity installed. Therefore:

A typical 20kWp system will yield approximately:

- 2.35 x 30 = 47kWh on an average day


- 70.5kWh x 365 = 17,155kWh per annum.

What does this translate to in financial terms?

Indicative return on investment for 20kWp solar systems

The current feed-in tariff rates and typical electricity prices create a situation in which a typical solar panel system can pay itself off in less than 7 years. If conditions are right, a 20kWp solar system will over a benefit of £4,000 in the first year–and more as time passes and electricity prices inexorably rise. Houses could save even more on power bills if they endeavour to reduce their power usage and try to use as much of their power during the day while the sun is shining.

Put briefly, a 20kWp solar system will save money for its owner/operator in 3 ways:

1) The system owner will be paid for each unit of power that their system produces under the UK’s feed-in tariff scheme 

2) Under the feed-in tariff, system owners will also get paid for each unit (kWh) of power that they export to the electricity grid (i.e. don’t ‘consume’ themselves)

and 3) Homes and businesses with solar PV systems will save money by generating their own power, reducing the need to purchase power from the electrical grid

Poultry farm: Tender managed by Solar Selections

Solar panels on a poultry farm whose tender was managed by Solar Selections. A 20kWp system could put a significant dent in the operational costs associated with running such an operation.

Solar Choice has helped a number of farms go solar, including multiple poultry farms across the UK. If you’re interested in installing a system, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a free and impartial consultation and a comparison of quotes from the installers who operate in your area. Fill out the form to the right of this page to initiate a dialogue, or ring us or email us.


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