Customer Testimonial – Mr. Mike Christie (4kWp, Cheshire)

by Solar Selections on March 26, 2012

4kWp Solar PV Installation Cheshire

Mr Mike Christie, 4kWp Solar PV Installation, Cheshire, UK

“With the 3rd March deadline only being 7 days away, I contacted Solar Selections, whom were advertising guaranteed installations before 3rd March. I was provided with an instant & highly informative quote comparison, which clearly compared the products and prices being

offered by the various installers within my area. I spoke with Tom, my Solar Selections Broker, whom was very informative and helped me to select the products right for my roof and budget.

The installers were highly professional and the install was completed in one day in time for the 3rd march cutoff. My system is performing better than expected even though it is on a West facing roof! To make me even happier, I get the higher Feed-in tariff as the Supreme Court denied the DECC permission to appeal!

Could not be happier, call Solar Selections, you have nothing to lose, its free.

Many, many thanks.”

Mike Christie

4kWp Solar PV Power System Installation, Cheshire

© 2012 Solar Selections Ltd

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