Customer Testimonial – Mr. James Wickham (4kWp, Kent)

by Solar Selections on March 21, 2012

4kWp Solar PV Installation, Kent, UK

Mr James Wickham, 4kWp Solar PV Installation, Kent, UK

“Having researched a range of pv panel installation companies in October 2011 and found that the industry had a mass of businesses ranging from the hugely expensive down to the cowboys I was wary when I again started researching in early 2012. When I came across Solar Selections, I was relived that not only  were they able to provide me with a range of quotes, but they were also able to act as an honest broker to answer questions and provide reassurance the the business I finally chose were not going to disappear, taking my deposit with them.

Solar Selections also acted as an  intermediary when I found it difficult to contact my installer and answered questions relating to the system certification. Solar Selections found the best price at no cost to myself.

Tom Charlesworth was my direct contact and was always available to provide impartial advice.

If you are looking for a pv panel installer, then a high calibre broker who can offer you a range of choices is the the best start you can make.”

James Wickham

4kWp Solar Installation, Kent

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