Customer Testimonial – Mr. Simon Clarke (8kWp, Merseyside)

by Solar Selections on January 12, 2012

8kWp Solar PV Installation, Merseyside

Mr Simon Clarke, 8kWp Solar PV System Installation, Merseyside, UK

“Solar Selections were excellent helping me to chose an installer capable of delivering my 8kWp solar system before 12th December.

I stumbled across Solar Selections online, I was provided with an instant quote comparison comparing several installer options (without them all having to come and visit me). The discounts were great and many of the quotes were sharper than the offers that I already had. I made a decision on my installer after speaking with a helpful Solar Selections broker (Tom). Everything was finished off before the cut-off, I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Solar Selections services to anyone looking to purchase a solar power system.”

Simon Clarke, 09/01/2012

8kWp Solar PV System Installation, Merseyside

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