Best solar power deals in Cardiff, Wales

by Solar Selections on January 21, 2013

Cardiff, Wales

Solar panels offer a great investment opportunity for resident of Cardiff, Wales. Wales is one of the sunniest regions of the UK, and residents seem to recognise this: it was the hottest spot in all of the UK for solar panels in 2012. Getting the most out of a solar system anywhere, however, means first finding the best deal possible on the solar panel system. This article is an overview of what to look out for when looking for solar deals in Cardiff, Wales.

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Why install a solar system in Cardiff?

Cardiff homes and businesses benefit from having solar panels installed in the following ways:

1) Generating your own power means there is less that needs to be purchased from the electrical grid

2) The UK’s feed-in tariff rewards those who produce power using their own solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Solar homes and businesses are paid for each unit of power that they generate, and this is credited on to their electricity bills.

How the feed-in tariff works for Cardiff residents

Solar power is set to become a significant player in the UK’s energy future, and is already showing strong growth in the UK. The main reason for this is the government’s feed-in tariff incentives.

The feed-in tariff has made a lot of news due to its erratic handling in the earlier portion of its existence. It has since settled down significantly, stabilising such that incentives are reduced quarterly, and only by a small amount, so there is no ‘now or never’ rush to get in as there was previously. When a home or business installs a system, the feed-in tariff rate that they apply for at that time will remain the constant (it is even indexed for inflation) for the 20 years that follow.

Solar system prices have dropped dramatically in the past few years, making installing a system more accessible than ever, and with returns comparable to what they were a couple of years ago, when the feed-in tariff was much higher (but so was the cost of installing a system). Another factor that is making solar PV such a popular choice these days is the price of electricity, which has been rising steadily. Owning a system is widely seen as one of the best ways to hedge against this phenomenon.

The popularity and investment-worthiness of solar systems has increased significantly thanks to all of the above factors. For those who can’t afford the up-front costs of installing a system, free solar panel schemes (or ‘solar leasing’ schemes) can make it an option.

Compare systems and find the best deals on solar power in Cardiff

Although it will pay itself off within 7 years, your solar system will be operational for 3 decades or more. Keeping in mind that quality is key in minimising maintenance and parts replacement over the life of the system, the long lifetime of a solar panel system also means that it’s important to shop around for the best deal possible. Remember that buying a solar system is something that most people are only likely to do once in the course of their lives. Comparing system prices, components used, and installers is essential.

With free advice and quote comparisons from 50 installers across the UK, Solar Selections is extremely well-positioned to help Cardiff residents find the best possible deal on a solar system. First we identify our customers’ needs and budget, then we match them up with several trusted installers from our network, and the customer decides on which one to go with.

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