Commercial Solar Panels no longer need Planning Permission

by Tom Charlesworth on April 19, 2012


The installation of the alternative energy source, solar panels, has now been made much easier with the removal of the need for planning permission on non-domestic properties. In addition ground mounted solar energy systems requiring less than 9m2 of area no longer require planning permission.


Standard Roof Mounted Solar Panels

A roof mounted commercial solar energy system must not be raised higher than 20cm off of the roof on which it is installed. Almost even larger boost is that flat roofs have been given an allowance of 1m from the roof. This means that commercial solar panels installed on tilt frames can now be installed without concern.

Please note that any listed buildings will still require planning permission for any solar energy systems on or around the unit.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Unfortunately the rule changes with regards to ground mounted solar energy systems designed to produce alternative energy, are insignificant. Only ground mounted solar energy systems using less than 9m2 are eligible to not require planning permission. This equates to approximately 1kWp of solar energy system. The ground mount is also not allowed to be over 4m tall.

Solar energy systems on ground mounts must be at least 5m away from the boundary of the property.


On the whole Commercial Solar as been made a whole lot simpler. All we need now is the DNO application process to be simplified. Currently DNO G59 applications are currently taking as long as 8 – 10 weeks. It costs nothing for an installer to get on in so get that sorted asap.

Solar Selections are experts in managing tenders for commercial projects ranging from 10kWp to multiple MWs. Our experience in Commercial Solar spans internationally with our head office based in Sydney, Australia. Commercial Solar power is as viable as ever with pricing for 50kWp systems from as low as £65k ex vat fully installed.


Written by Tom Charlesworth

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