Compare solar panel installers in Birmingham, England

by Solar Selections on January 28, 2013

Compare solar panels in Birmingham

For those considering going solar in Birmingham, England, the first step is to shop around and compare solar panel installers. There are numerous solar panel installers who operate in the Birmingham area, and Solar Selections offers an easy, impartial service that enables customers to make comparisons and ultimately choose a system.

The importance of comparing Birmingham solar panel installers before deciding on a system

Solar panels have become increasingly popular as investment opportunities for UK homes and businesses in the last few years, and Birmingham is no exception.

While the rsz_solar_panels_birminghamUK’s feed-in tariff incentive scheme has been unequivocally the main reason for the unprecedented boom in home solar panel installations, reductions in the incentives subsequent to their initial introduction resulted in a unsustainable boom-bust cycle, from which the UK’s solar industry is now slowly recovering. As competition between Birmingham installers remains fierce, it’s clear that there are good deals to be had, but finding a way to make direct, clear comparisons is key.

Solar panel quote comparisons in Birmingham: What to look for

Although price is often the primary consideration for those thinking about installing a solar panel system, this should not by any means be the only consideration. In order to accurately compare solar panel installers in Birmingham, it’s integral to have the following information and understand what the different options entail. The following information (all of which Solar Selections provides in its Solar Quote Comparisons) is key.

-Specifications for solar panel and inverter brands and models

-Warranty terms and periods: Performance warranty, manufacturer’s warranty, and workmanship warranty

-Price contribution of components to final cost

-Total price of the installation

-Deposit (how much money must be paid up-front?)

-Possible extra costs

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Why consider solar panels in Birmingham?

If you’re on reading this page, you’re probably considering having solar panels installed on the roof of your home or business in Birmingham. As mentioned above, solar systems are a great investment opportunity virtually anywhere in the UK (even Edinburgh, Scotland), thanks mainly to the government’s feed-in tariff, which rewards those who install systems for every unit of electricity that they produce. But on top of this is the lesser heard story of the falling cost of having a system installed–prices are less than half of what they were just a few years ago, making solar systems more accessible than ever to Birmingham residents.

Concretely speaking: Having a 4kW solar system installed in Birmingham (typically around £5,240 for a decent system) can save the average home well over £700 per year, with payback periods as short as 5-6 years and returns on investment as high as 22%. These figures are roughly the same as what they were back at the height of the feed-in tariff, which was reduced mainly because of its own success and the rapidly falling cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. This means that the value proposition for installing a system has not changed much (although this message doesn’t seem to have reached many of the UK’s homeowners).

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Live in Birmingham and considering going solar? Request a Solar Quote Comparison from Solar Selections or get in touch with one of our team to discuss the benefits and options today.

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