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by James Martin II on January 3, 2013

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Bristol is one of the sunniest places in the UK and therefore one of the best places to find . This article is an outline about the basics off going solar in Bristol, England. What are the costs and benefits of installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Bristol?

Energy from the sun in Bristol, England: The benefits

Here is how solar panels can save a household or business money on electricity bills: 1) It enables the system owner to reduce their power bill by generating their own power so that they do not need to purchase as much from utilities and 2) it allows them to receive credit on their power bill for each unit of solar power that they produce. The latter is thanks to the UK’s feed-in tariff. As a solar system produces more power, the owner’s power bill shrink. With some of the best sunshine in the UK, installing a solar PV system in Bristol is a great investment choice.

Why does the government incentivise solar power?

The UK government has introduced the feed-in tariff to encourage the uptake of solar photovoltaics (PV) by rewarding those who install systems and produce power so that it can meet its 2020 target of nearly 30% of the power in the UK coming from renewable sources. There are numerous good reasons for this, including energy security, the environment, and to protect against price volatility in conventional fuels such as coal and natural gas.

What incentives are available in Bristol for solar power?

Since 2010, the feed-in tariff has resulted in a massive boom in solar systems  in the UK. This incentive has been scaled back a number of times for UK customers as the cost of installing a system has dropped. Thanks to this, the capital costs of installing a system have also fallen whilst the return on investment have remained the same.

So even with the scaled-back feed-in tariff, now is a great time for Bristol residents to invest in solar panels. Additionally, the fact that the price of electricity from the grid is rising, means that the financial benefits offered by solar systems increase annually.

Solar panels have never been more affordable for homes and businesses. Most notably, free solar panel schemes have helped to make the technology more accessible than ever. Businesses, investors, and households are all taking solar seriously these days, influenced mainly by the compelling value proposition that installing a system offers. (A 4kWp solar system, for example, can save a household over £700 per year on electricity bills.)

(For more a more detailed explanation, please read: Payback periods and return on investment for solar systems in the UK.)

Finding the best solar PV system deals in Bristol

Making sure that you get the best out of your solar system means first making sure that you’ve found a good deal. This is where Solar Selections can help. We offer our customers free, impartial advice and comprehensive Solar Quote Comparisons. We are the UK’s free Solar Brokering and advice service, working with a network of over 50 solar installers nationwide. This puts us in a unique position in the UK’s solar market and enables us to help our customers navigate it skillfully themselves as well.

See what we have to offer. Request a Solar Product & Price Comparison today by quickly filling out the form to the right of this page, or call by calling us on 020 7205 2267.

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