Customer Testimonial – Dr. Colin Wood (4kWp, Oxford)

by Solar Selections on April 23, 2012

Solar testimonial“With the approach of the December 2011 Feed-In Tariff deadline, I decided, almost too late, to install a 4 KW PIV system on the roof of my home.  Having no idea how to choose a reputable installer, and having in the past suffered significant financial loss on an unrelated domestic project, through misguidedly employing a ’Cowboy’ company,  I was pleased to discover, in the course of an Internet search, the fair and unbiassed brokerage service offered by Solar Selections.”

Solar Selections responded within hours of my enquiry.  They applied no pressure upon me to make a commitment, but simply sent me details of several installers, with price information and time availability in the approach to the December F.I.T. deadline.   There was no pressure to employ any particular installer, and it was left entirely up to me to contact any one of the recommended companies if I wished to do so.  Solar Selections reqired no payment from me.  The only condition was that I should inform them if I arranged an installation as a result of their recommendation.

I did use one of the installers recommended by Solar Selections, and received from that company prompt and courteous service that was first class in every respect, including the F.I.T. application paperwork;  at a price exactly as described to me by Solar Selections.

Having been most impresed with the careful research and unbiassed, accurate advice given me by Solar Selections in the past,  I am happy now to recommend their new innovative financing initiative in the Oxford Area.

23rd of April, 2012


Dr C J Wood

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Natasha May 5, 2012 at 9:21 pm

Hello Dr Colin Wood.Is this you?. Natasha.


admin May 9, 2012 at 10:48 am

Hi Natasha,
Dr Wood is a client of ours – We used his words for the testimonial and are happy to verify this upon request. If you would like to contact Dr Wood to ask about his experience we could request this from him.
Please email us at ‘’.
Kind regards,
Solar Selections Admin


Tom Slaiter February 6, 2013 at 4:07 pm

Great post, I love solar energy…we’re getting some for our house.

THanks for the post and info


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