EnaSolar inverters: Innovative New Zealand inverters on UK shores

by James Martin II on January 4, 2013

EnaSolar Inverters UK



EnaSolar is a Christchurch, NZ-based company that manufactures a range of solar inverters for small-scale, grid-tied solar systems. On top of their reliability, EnaSolar inverters’ innovative, internet-based monitoring platform makes early identification of problems and troubleshooting easy for system owners, installers, and the manufacturer alike–before small problems can go on to become crises. EnaSolar’s products are growing in notoriety and popularity throughout the UK as solar panels become an increasingly commonplace investment option amongst home and business owners.

The EnaSolar inverter range

EnaSolar inverters UK

EnaSolar offers a range of inverters for small-scale grid-connect solar systems: 1.5kW, 2.0kW, 3.0kW, 3.8kW, 4.0kW and 5.0kW. The 1.5kW, 2.0kW, 3.0kW, and 3.8kW models share the same mounting frame, making installation simple for installers and repairs an upgrades quick and easy.

EnaSolar Inverters: Points of Difference

What sets EnaSolar apart?

-Built-in WiFi and statistics-tracking package. All EnaSolar inverters make solar system performance monitoring possible on a PC or smartphone via a built-in WiFi connection. System data is visible to anyone with the username and password. There are a number of benefits to this feature:

-If there is a problem anywhere in the solar system, the installer (or if necessary EnaSolar themselves) can remotely diagnose the problem, saving the owner money on expensive call-outs.

-Ongoing monitoring and record keeping allow the system owner to keep an eye on performance and compare output from month to month and year to year–enabling them to recognise seasonal output variation and to know when the panels need routine maintenance such as a good cleaning

-With their built-in monitoring systems, EnaSolar inverters help those who have decided to go solar to save money–in many cases such devices are only available as an after-market option that incurs extra costs.

EnaSolar monitoring system

-Built-in DC and AC isolating switch–makes for easy installation and flexibility in system design.The job of an inverter is to convert the DC power that solar panels produce into AC solar power that most household appliances run on. An AC/DC isolation switch is a necessary safety component in any solar PV system, and is ordinarily installed in addition to the inverter; EnaSolar’s inverters contain the switch as standard, again saving system owners money by eliminating the need to install additional equipment.

-Low voltage operating range–This allows for more flexibility in configuring the solar panel array; inverters with higher minimum voltage requirements may require a higher minimum number of panels per ‘string’.

-Simple installation–Installation of an EnaSolar inverter takes just minutes. (See the video below.)

-Fully weatherproof–meets IP55 standards against intrusion from liquid and solid materials.

-Front-mounted heat sink–keeps the inverter’s internal parts cool and makes cleaning easy.

-Lightweight–starting at just 15kg, EnaSolar inverters weigh only half as much as many other on the market.

-5 year standard warranty–with extended warranties available on request.

About EnaSolar

Headquarters and manufacturing facilities: Christchurch, New Zealand

History in the industry: Enatel, the parent company of EnaSolar (both based in Christchurch, NZ), has a nearly 25-year history manufacturing power equipment for a range of applications, including battery chargers, rectifiers, and power system supervisory units. With this expertise behind it, the company decided to open a solar inverter wing in 2008. EnaSolar has been designing and producing inverters since this time, and now supplies its products to markets worldwide.

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