Energy Efficiency saves thousands for Sheffield Hallam University

by Jarrah Harburn on September 6, 2012

Energy Efficiency UpgradesThe University of Sheffield Hallam has invested in an impressive energy efficiency upgrade on its facilities that has resulted in a significant reduction in their energy bills. The example is now set for other UK universities to improve their efficiency and save money; however Solar Selections are aware that not all institutions have the spare capital required for the expensive upgrades. Solar Selections’ own Funded Energy Efficiency Approach utilises a zero outlay approach that is available for all UK universities and aims to replicate the success of Sheffield Hallam for many more universities across Britain.

University Energy Efficiency Upgrades


Sheffield Hallam have listed savings of over £50,000 since an energy efficiency upgrade package was purchased and installed between January and May 2012. The benefits of energy efficiency upgrades for universities specifically go beyond the just the savings.

The Director of Estates and Facilities at Sheffield Hallam, Mark Swales states, ‘certain organisations tendering for research require universities to demonstrate commitment to environmental concerns and on-site energy management’.

Utilising renewable energy upgrades is a major part of addressing these concerns but so are the more staple upgrades to lighting, energy management and heating assets.

Types of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

There is a multitude of options available to those looking to upgrade university buildings that can save money. From LED lighting to Biomass, the possibilities are specific to each university’s buildings. For more information on Energy Efficiency Upgrades, click here.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades such as those undertaken by the Sheffield Hallam University are proven methods of reducing bills, improving efficiency and organisational longevity. With rising heating and electricity costs ever present and capital expenditure hard to come by though; not all UK universities can follow suit with Sheffield Hallam.

Solar Selections’ Funded Energy Efficiency Approach allows universities to upgrade their facilities utilising a fund that shares the savings for a fixed 5-10 year term. The university is surveyed and a full open-book proposal submitted to allow complete transparency and ease of understanding before any upgrades are considered. It is open to any facility that spends more than £30,000 a year on energy and once the term is complete, full ownership of the upgrades and assets are turned over to the university.

ISO Accreditation Goals

Sheffield Hallam undertook this process with two specific goals in mind: ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. These two accreditations list specific benchmarks in energy management and environmental considerations, but not all universities should be undertaking efficiency upgrades with them solely in mind. Energy Efficiency works and if the funding can be sourced alternatively then all the better.

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Written by Jarrah Harburn

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References: GovToday

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