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by Tom Charlesworth on February 16, 2012

Solar Selections can now offer businesses a unique solution to financing a large scale solar power installation. Solar Selections has been working on an exclusive finance package for businesses looking to invest in Solar Pv. The package is structured so that there is no upfront capital requirement and tax benefits are handled efficiently.

The Structure

 1. An Operational Lease enables the use of a Solar System with no upfront capital expenditure through the utilisation of a ‘term rental arrangement’. This type of lease setup is common and has been in use for commercial purposes for decades. The approach is well known and accepted by the HMRC. Several commercial installations managed by Solar Choice Commercial (parent company to Solar Selections) have already been settled and installed utilising the package.

2. Projects can be sourced directly by PV manufacturers or retailers. Confidentiality is ensured to enable the financier to examine the credentials of the client without rival installers or Solar Selections being informed of the client’s specifics.

3. Commercial Asset Finance Group Australease (CAFGA) has 30yrs experience in financing International business. CAFGA and Solar Choice Pty Ltd (parent company to Solar Selections) have entered into a unique agreement for the diffusion of this package to boost significant uptake of commercial PV in the UK.

4. There is no upper limit on the amount of finance available to eligible clients. The minimum amount to be financed is £150,000.



1. Zero capital expenditure is required for an installation to be completed and commissioned.

2. Provides instant parity with commercial electricity prices and tariffs.

3. With the package being structured as a rental, all payments are fully tax deductible. This brings major advantages over a cash purchase aside from the obvious conservation of working capital. In addition the value associated with NPV can be utilised.

4. Rental payments are typically made through monthly amounts over a 5 year period.

5. Longer term arrangements are a possibility and can be discussed amid the application process.



1. For any clients provided directly by an installer/manufacture, the lease application can be made confidentially and directly to CAFGA detailing the criteria of the client and the relevant solar PV project. CAFGA can then vet the installer and the client’s financial credentials. Solar Selections are able to help confidentially educate installers and clients on the intricacies of the Operational Lease.

2. Solar Selections Commercial, in its exclusive consultative role for CAFGA, then makes recommendations to CAFGA concerning the bankability of the proposed solar components, plus all appropriate warranties (performance, manufacturing and workmanship). This can all be completed without information on of either the customer or the project details.

3. Upon authorisation by Solar Selections Commercial, the installer invoices CAFGA directly, and the project is paid in full upon the client acknowledging a Notice of Completion.

This approach to financing Solar PV is unique and exclusive to Solar Selections. The barriers faced by installers and investors in gaining finance for solar projects has finally been removed.


For more information or an introduction to CAFGA, please contact Solar Selections via:
020 7205 2267


Written by Tom Charlesworth

T: 020 7205 2267

© 2012 Solar Selections Ltd


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