How to choose the right solar panels and system for your home

by James Martin II on November 30, 2012

Solar power for homes

When it comes to choosing a solar panel system for your home, the sheer range of choices can be daunting. The UK solar industry has expanded rapidly in the past few years, and now there are so many installer and product options available that it is difficult to determine if a homeowner has done enough research to confidently make a decision. What steps should you take to ensure that you’ve chosen the solar system that is best for your home?

Selecting the right solar system: Some easy steps to follow

Solar systems have become something of a hot commodity in the UK thanks to the government’s solar feed-in tariffs, which enabled a 840-fold increase in installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in the space of a year. Following all this growth and excitement of course comes the sort of industriousness and competition that characterise a boom. As competition between solar installers tightens advertising intensifies and customers can be left trying to figure out the parse through competing messages about who the ‘best solar installer‘ really is.

Below are some simple steps to follow to ensure you have a good understanding of the options are available to you, and ultimately make an informed choice of solar installer and solar system.

1) Understand if and how solar panels can benefit your home

You may not hear this from every installer, but solar panels are not appropriate for all homes in the UK. If you rent an apartment, have little or no free roof space, or if there is significant shading on your rooftop, solar panels might not be the right choice for you.

However, provided none of the above are the case, an investment in a solar system could stand to benefit you substantially in the short and long term with annual returns on investment as high as 22%. (Read more about return on investment and payback periods for solar PV systems.) This is thanks mainly to the rising cost of electricity and the falling cost of solar panels.

2) Know the price and product ranges available

There are so many solar system installer and product options available that it’s hard to divide the quality ones from the dubious ones, and to determine which ones offer the best value for money. One quick, easy, and free way to get a good idea of what options are available in your area is to request a Solar Quote Comparison from Solar Selections. Our Solar Quote Comparisons include offers for a variety of system sizes from a range of up to 7 installers, as well as the products used and prices charged. (Read more about the different types of solar PV systems.)

3) Talk to someone who can give an impartial view of the solar market

Purchasing a solar PV system is something that a homeowner will ordinarily only do once in their lifetime, so it is not ordinarily possible to get the depth of knowledge that someone who works in the industry has. Solar Selections is here to be an impartial advocate for customers looking into solar PV systems, offering free advice and acting as the broker who can manage better deals than going directly to an installer. If you’re considering going solar, get in touch with one of our brokers today. (Read more about what Solar Selections does or some of our customer testimonials.)

4) Select the solar system that best suits your needs and budget

Armed with knowledge of the options and good advice, choose your system and installer!

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