IKEA to offer solar panels at stores in the UK

Ikea to sell solar panels - Ikea logo

by Rebecca Boyle on September 12, 2012

Traditionally known for their low cost furniture and sustainable ethos, Swedish furniture giant IKEA has introduced thin-film solar panels to their UK stores in partnership with Hanergy Holding Group Limited.

The activities of Hanergy Holdings Group Company Ltd. are listed as hydropower, wind power, and solar energy power generation. The company, along with its subsidiaries, also engages in the production of thin-film solar cells and components; construction and general contracting of photovoltaic power station projects; production and integration of photovoltaic balance systems; operation of photovoltaic stations; and trading of carbon, energy, and their derivatives. Jason Chow, CEO of Hanergy Global Investment & Sales Pte. Ltd., said of the partnership:

“We believe in the growth potential of the British PV market. This is why Hanergy has decided to launch its small power generation systems in the UK. Our cooperation with IKEA was only a matter of time since we share the same principles of environmental protection and sustainable development.”

To support those homeowners looking to add solar PV to their property the purchase of an IKEA solar panel system will include  “a comprehensive homeowner service package that includes a full site survey, installation, fitting and a guarantee”. Hanergy and IKEA UK also conducted three workshops at the IKEA Milton Keynes store on September 9.

The UK’s feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme means that it will be worthwhile for many homeowners to add additional capacity and feed back to the National Grid. In the UK solar PV systems between 2 and 4 KW can make 16p/KWh, assisting households pay off their systems sooner. According to current estimates, Hanergy rooftop units can save up to 40% on the electric bills of British households.

The partnership is a huge step in normalising alternative energy to UK consumers. For Hanergy, the association with such an iconic, trusted brand is something of a coup and the potential revenue from the scheme will undoubtedly have been a major attraction for the company. The effect the partnership will have on the industry over the next 12 months will be interesting.

At the present time there is no information about IKEA’s expansion into other markets, including Australia.

This article originally appeared on the Solar Choice website.

Images via IKEA

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