Leicstershire, England: Find the best solar PV system deals

by Solar Selections on January 4, 2013

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Leicestershireshire, located in central England, is become an increasingly popular place to install solar panels, thanks mainly to the UK’s incentives for solar power–most notably, the feed-in tariff–and the falling price of solar panel technology across the globe. Let Solar Selections help you make an informed choice about going solar and find the best deals on solar PV systems in Leicestershireshire, England.

Solar Selections can provide Solar Quotes from the most competitive Solar Installers in the UK. Request a free Solar Quote Comparison by filling out the form to the right of this page or call 020 7205 2267 for more information.

The benefits of going solar in Leicestershire, England

Solar panels can save Leicestershire homes and businesses money in 2 ways:

1) Producing your own solar energy means you don’t need to purchase as much from the power grid, and

2) The government, through its feed-in tariff, financially incentivises generation of power from renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. A home or business with a system can receive credit on its power bills for every unit (kilowatt-hour or kWh) that it generates.

The UK’s feed-in tariff: Making solar panels make sense for Leicestershire residents

Solar Panels on a shed roofThe future of solar PV is bright in the UK, thanks to government support. Although the feed-in tariff incentive has been scaled back repeatedly and rather erratically, it has succeeded in its goal of making solar power a financially viable option for households and commercial entities throughout the UK. Even with the feed-in tariff at current rates, the upfront cost of installing a solar PV system has come down such that returns on investment for a solar system are comparable now to what they were when the feed-in tariff incentive was first introduced. On top of all this, the steadily rising price of electricity from the grid is the other factor that makes going solar an increasingly attractive option for Leicestershire denizens.

The cost of installing a system has fallen to unprecedented lows across the country, making it more accessible than ever. The existence of free solar panel schemes means that even households who do not have the capital to purchase a system outright can benefit from the money-saving power that they offer.

(Read more: Payback periods and return on investment for solar systems in the UK.)

Finding the best solar PV system deals in Leicestershire

checklistGetting the most out of a solar PV system in Leicestershire requires first finding a good deal on having a system installed. Having a good grasp of what’s available in the UK market is absolutely key to ensuring that you’ve made the right decision on a system–something you are only likely to do once, given the 25 year life expectancy of the average solar panel array.

Solar Selections helps those who are considering going solar across the UK by offering free Solar Quote Comparisons and advice. Working with a network of over 50 trusted solar installers nationwide, we will identify your needs, address your concerns, answer your questions, and  ultimately put you in touch with an installer who offers a system that best suits your circumstances and wishes.

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