Customer Testimonial – Mr Christopher Atkins (4kWp, Oxfordshire)

by Solar Selections on December 8, 2011

Mr C. W. 4kWp Installation in Oxfordshire, UK

4kWp Solar PV Power Installation, Oxfordshire

This customer came through to our office on the 17th of November 2011, unable to find an installer to take on and complete his project in time for the 12th December deadline. This is his review of his experience.

‘This is to inform you that, following the successful installation of a photovoltaic system by the installer you recommended, my FIT Application  has been submitted this evening to, and has been acknowledged by my DNO via e-mail.

Thank you for your recommendation.  The installation work was done promptly and well, and my thanks have gone to my contact point at the installer.  The person responsible continued valiantly to keep up with the organisation and paperwork, despite having his daughter sick in hospital. Then, a day later, he himself was involved in a car crash, but continued working from his bed.

I trust that this brief report will lead to your continued warm recommendation of this company.

Sincerely, Chris’

4kWp Solar PV System Installation, Oxfordshire

Upon receiving this enquiry we called the customer on the same day as well as sent him a comparison of companies that were able to install his project in time. We then took him through the differences and options before helping him find the most appropriate installer from the several available. He signed up with a recommendation on the 22nd of November, paid a deposit and was installed by the 8th of December. His system is now registered for the 43.3p tariff as he wanted, despite the time constraints that applied. His installer also went above the call of duty allocating the time needed to organise the job despite being struck by a truck during a site visit days before.

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