Solar Choice & Solar Selections: The Origins of Solar Brokering

The History of Solar Energy System Brokering

by Solar Selections on September 28, 2011

Solar Energy is now one of the fastest growing and most fascinating industries in the world. Over the last three decades photo voltaic panels  have developed from a novelty in to a genuine source of energy for millions of people. Once confined to remote structures owned by elite green enthusiast or council bus shelter lighting arrangements,  the brilliant evolution of our harnessing of the sun’s abundance in solar panels has reached our lands, our roofs and our pockets. So where did the notion of brokering enter into this industry? When did it become necessary to involve consultants and impartial guides to the decision making process of those in the market? This article explains the origins of Solar Selections by examining the need for such a service in the first place.

The ‘Dragon’ Stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan supplies energy to the surrounding residents when not catering for it’s own use

Solar Energy Today

Our modern day solar industries are thriving, convoluted market places filled with complicated disparities in technology and price. In combination with the generous backing of government and industry the opportunity has recently become open for nearly all in our society to consider its benefits and nature. With thousands of installation companies reaching accreditation standards, and equal numbers of panel and inverter manufacturers opening up their supply lines to new populations, the decision of going solar is not one to be taken lightly.

Conceptualised justly in the Sunburnt Country

Australian governments began properly considering solar energy installation subsidies and tariffs in early 2008. In July that year, a member of the Greens party introduced a bill calling for the energy wholesalers of the country to pay a fixed rate for energy generated from solar energy systems connected to the national grid. Government grants soon followed, allowing people to overcome the historically and at that time still prohibitive upfront costs associated with an installation. Supply lines began to expand and diversify and before long the industry was crowded with home and business owners scrambling to take advantage and reduce overhead costs residentially and commercially.

Solar Choice Pty Ltd was formed in the early months of 2008. Born of the idea that the industry required a collective source of knowledge, impartially delivered and paid for after success had been achieved, the concept of Solar Brokering came into form. Residents and business owners benefited of a free service that allowed them to compare a handful of local installers quotes, speak to an objective expert on their subtleties and make an informed decision on their project. Installers became interested in a service that delivered qualified, informed customers conscious of their products and prices and wishing to book an installation. All parties benefited from the arrangement, and soon enough volumes of interest swelled.

Solar Brokering Evolves

Growing organically by utilising a modest team of experienced, energetic Solar Brokers, the business flourished. Now in it’s fourth year of operations, Solar Choice Australia has managed over 40,000 installations across Australia. The list of commercial clients has been graced by industry leaders in mining, hospitality, domestic produce and shipping. The usefulness of the service has been hailed by the industry as a unique and effective means of connecting the various echelons involved in solar projects of any size or specification.

Solar Selections is the UK branch of Solar Choice.

Functioning through our expert team on the ground in London, successful inroads have been made to an industry currently convoluted and exponential in growth. The UK’s government have introduced the national feed-in tariff, and with twenty five year guarantees on earnings, the time has come for many to make their own solar selections. With sales and lead generating services scrambling in over-abundance and installation companies re-populating throughout the UK, the need for objectivity and perception in decision making has become paramount.

Contact our team today for a no-obligation, free gateway into your solar project. Experience the benefit of years of knowledge and impartiality in what is an important investment for you, your family and your business.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

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