Poultry Farm powered by Solar Panels

by Solar Selections on November 6, 2012

Solar panels on a poultry farm

Solar Selections has helped yet another poultry farmer install solar panels across three poultry sheds to power the farm’s buildings. The client was looking for a solar array to help reduce their ever-increasing energy costs. Not only did Solar Selections conduct a tender to source the most competitive quotation (under £1/W) at no cost to our client, but we also helped to source a competitive unsecured finance package to keep the project cash flow positive, therefore costing the farmer nothing.

The poultry farm lent itself to a solar array solution with its large south-facing roofs, high power consumption on site and the need for extra power during summer months. Had the poultry farm decided to self-finance the project, a conservative ROI of over 20% per annum would have been achieved. This proves that even though the Feed in Tariff has been reduced, excellent returns can still be experienced by going solar. The reason for this is simply down to the dramatic reduction in the cost of installing solar system equipment.

Great returns also means that clever finance packages can now be used to proved cash flow-positive solar projects. Solar Selections has access to various finance packages which can offer up to 10 years unsecured finance. By spreading the cost of the installation over this period (often 7 years is sufficient) the solar array can remain cash flow positive from day 1 thanks to the feed in tariff. The feed in tariff for systems over 50kWp is currently 11.5p/kWh, however if all the power is used on site, an extra benefit of approx. 11p/kWh can be had. Please see below for an example 250kWp finance model:

Once Solar Selections had secured the finance for the poultry farm, we conducted a tender process. The aim of the tender is to gather a number of installation quotations from some of the leading solar panel installers in the UK. From this group the most attractive quotation can be selected by the client with impartial guidance from their personal Solar Selections broker. This approach gives the client the peace of mind that Solar Selections has vetted the installer and that the selected quotation is the result of detailed tender process.

Within 2 weeks of selecting their preferred installer the solar array was installed and the feed in tariff applied for. The feed in tariff will proved a steady (index linked) income for 20 years. However, it will also continue to provide onsite electricity for at least the next 30 years.

Want to know more?

If you are considering a large scale solar panel array for a site or number of sites, contact Solar Selections today. We can not only help source the most suitable finance option for your project, but we will also manage a tender for the supply and installation of the solar system. This will enable the best balance of price and product to be achieved.

Solar Selections is a free and impartial solar brokering and advice service.

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