Power-One Aurora Solar Inverters in the UK

by Tom Charlesworth on March 13, 2012

Compare Power-One Aurora Inverters in the UK

Power-One manufactures a wide range of power conversion and maintenance products, and is well recognised in the UK Solar Power market for its quality in the residential and commercial solar sectors particularly with its Aurora inverter line. Power-One was established back in 1973, and in 2006  began manufacturing  components for the renewable energy industry. The Power-One solar line offers a everything from transformerless inverters to monitoring devices for solar energy systems.

(A number of accredited installers in the Solar Selections installer network use Power-One Aurora inverters. Get a free comparison of solar quotes of the installers who operate in your area!)

How important is choosing the right inverter?

An inverter is essentially the ‘brain’ of a solar panel system. An inverter’s job is to convert the Direct Current (DC) produced by an installation’s solar panels into appliance and grid compatible Alternating Current (AC). Inverters have shorter lifetimes and therefore warranties than photovoltaic (solar) panels. An inverter warranty can range from between 5 to 25 years as opposed to the 25 to 30 years expected of a solar panel. With this in mind, it is widely considered that looking for a top-end inverter from a reputable manufacturer is arguably more vital than worrying about the quality of the installation’s solar panel array. A common approach utilised by many Solar Selections clients is to opt for solar PV systems which utilise mid-quality panels but top-quality inverters.

Power-One Aurora Inverters: Unique Selling Points

-Transformerless operation offers high efficiencyPeak Efficiencies up to 97.7%, Euro Efficiencies up to 97.25%, this varies slightly by model. (Read about types of inverter efficiency.)

-High-speed, highly accurate MPPTenables split solar systems (50% east facing, 50% west facing.)

-Can be installed indoors or out.

-Wide range of inverter sizes - for flexibility in system design.

Component standards met/awards

-All models of Power-One Aurora inverters are on the list of MCS-approved components

-CE mark– Power-One Aurora inverters are compliant with European Union regulations


-10 year standard warranty

Other products by Power-One

Power-One manufactures a variety of products, these include micro-inverters for solar PV, commercial-scale central inverters, wind power inverters, and solar installation performance monitoring devices.

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Written by Tom Charlesworth


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