REAL Deposit and Advanced Payment Insurance Scheme

by Solar Selections on October 21, 2011

If you are worried about what will happen to your deposit if the solar power supplier that you have placed an order with ceases to trade, look no further.

As long as the installer that you are dealing with is apart of the REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited) Assurance Scheme, you are covered.

How Does It Work

The scheme is free, you should not have to pay either REAL or your selected installer for the benefits of this scheme. Once you have agreed terms with your installer they will provide all the required details to the Insurance Scheme Administrator. Once the administrator has received the relevant details the required documents confirming your cover will be delivered to you. The agreement is between you and the Insurer, GPI Ltd.

What Does the Policy Cover

Your cover is valid from the date of a deposit payment up until the date agreed for the installation (limit of 120 days). If your install date is delayed at no fault of your own, your policy can be extended accordingly. However, if the extension is for greater than 30 days a small payment will be required, the installer should refund this. REAL will keep your details confidential at all times.

What Do I Need To Do

Firstly, keep a safe copy of all payment documents, such as your deposit. If you have paid any fees by credit card, your credit card provider will need to refund you the money in the event of a claim.

If your selected solar installer does cease to trade, simply follow the steps provided (Claims Procedure) in your policy document.

Warranty Insurance

Upon receiving your policy document you will be offered optional insurance to cover the workmanship warranty provided by your chosen installer. The insurance is valid for the same length as the provided workmanship warranty. The fee for this additional protection is approximately £35.

In the event of an installer ceasing trade, this optional warranty covers any fees incurred for work required on a solar install.

Further Information

The Insurance Scheme Administrator website has a in-depth information on the scheme

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Written by Tom Charlesworth

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