Romag Solar Panels: UK-made solar modules for all applications

by James Martin II on January 3, 2013

Romag solar panels

Romag is a UK-leading manufacturer of high-quality glass and also specialising in solar panels. The company, based in the northeast of England, has been around since 1943 and is the only home-grown manufacturer of solar panels in the UK.

Romag photovoltaic systems product overview

What sets Romag apart?

Romag logo-Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels by a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality glass–one of the key components in any solar PV system

-Solar photovoltaic modules made for a wide range of applications–from standard rooftop solar installations to customised, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions (see below)

-All Romag products are individually tested and certified with the BSI Kitemark of excellence for safety and quality assurance

-Dependable, knowledgeable, and locally-based technical support for both installers and end customers of Romag products

-Romag solar panels are manufactured in County Durham, England, and at the core of the company’s operations is its commitment to the local community there as well as the broader UK prosperity

The Romag solar panel product range

Standard modules

Romag’s SMT6 (60)P solar panels are suitable for a wide range of applications–including new build and retro-fit rooftop solar installations. Modules are available in black or white Tedlar frame colour options and have a conversion efficiency (sunlight–>usable energy) of up to 14.9% thanks to the quality of the components used and the process involved in their assembly.

Romag solar panels UK

Download a data sheet: Romag SMT6 (60)P

Photovoltaic kits

Romag also manufactures kits for solar PV installations, starting as small as 1.2 kilowatt-peak (kWp) systems. Kits come complete with panels, mounting gear, inverters, and monitoring equipment, making installation easy for installers and more affordable for owners.

Romag solar panel kits

Download a data sheet: Romag photovoltaic kits

Roof-integrated solar PV systems

Romag’s roof-integrated solar solutions can be installed directly into the roof of new or retrofit buildings in the place of conventional tiles or shingles.

Romag roof-integrated solar tiles

Download a data sheet: Romag roof-integrated solar PV systems

Whole of roof solar PV solutions

Romag produces ‘whole roof’ solar PV systems which meet all standards for roofing and require no additional materials. Romag provides technical support for the roofers or solar installers undertaking the installation.

Romag whole roof solar photovoltaic systems

Download a data sheet: Romag whole roof solar PV solutions

BIPV solutions

Romag manufactures standard and customised components for BIPV architectural designs, where photovoltaic modules are integrated into the substrate of a building in the place of ordinary materials, providing power in addition to playing structural roles.

Romag BIPV roof

Download a data sheet: Romag BIPV solutions

Solar car parks

Solar car parks, similar to BIPV, are structures that serve the dual purpose of protecting parked automobiles from the elements whilst simultaneously generating electricity. Romag can provide ready-made as well as customised photovoltaic car park solutions.

Romag solar photovoltaic car park

More about Romag photovoltaic systems

Romag global and UK headquarters: County Durham, England, UK

Romag manufacturing plant locations: All of Romag’s products are manufactured at their plant in County Durham in northeast England.

History in the industry: Romag has been producing high-quality glass for buildings, transportation, and other applications since 1943. The company has been involved in PV module manufacturing since 2004.

Additional information: Romag is a subsidiary of the ‘profit-for-purpose’ Gentoo Group, an organisation whose focus is investing in ‘people, property, and the planet’ in order to improve quality of life for others. Romag is ‘committed’ to its UK manufacturing base and the local economy.

All images and data sheets via Romag Photovoltaic Systems

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