Sharp solar panels in the UK

by James Martin II on December 20, 2012

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Sharp is one of the biggest names in electronics in the world, and one of the pioneers of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology industry. Sharp solar panels are among the most reliable and efficient of those on offer in the UK, and carry a trusted, household name. This article is an overview of Sharp’s solar panels, the range of solar products that the company offers in the UK, and the company itself.

Sharp solar panels: Product overview

What makes solar panels from Sharp stand out?

-Solar panels manufactured by a trusted company with a globally recognised brand name in electronics

-Up to 15.2% conversion efficiency (sunlight –> usable power)

-At only -0.44% loss of output per degree of temperature above NOCT (normal operating cell temperature), Sharp solar panels have a relatively high heat tolerance. (Like all electronics, solar panels work better when cool.)

-+0% to +5% positive power output tolerance means that Sharp solar modules are guaranteed to perform at their rated capacity or up to 5% greater when installed

-Perform well in low-irradiance (e.g. cloudy/overcast) conditions

-All modules undergo individual visual, mechanical, and electrical inspection

-Panels sold in the UK are manufactured in the EU

The Sharp solar panel range

Anyone thinking about installing a solar panel system on their home or business should have a good understanding of the options that are available on the market where they live. Any given installer will offer a range of products to choose from, and it’s useful to know the difference between them, even if they are from the same company. Sharp offers its products as individual modules or as complete installation ‘kits’ which contain all the components required for roof-mounting. Spec sheets for the Sharp solar products that are available in the UK can be found below.

Sharp solar panels: Individual modules

Sharp ND R1S Series: 48 cells– 195 watt (W), 190W, 185W, and 180W

Download a spec sheet: Sharp ND R1S solar panels (pdf)

Sharp ND R1S series

Sharp ND RA5 Series: 60 cell– 250W, 245W, 235W, 230W

Download a spec sheet: Sharp ND RA5 solar panels (pdf)

Sharp solar panels NDRA5 series

Sharp ND R1J Series: 60 cells–240W, 235W, 230W, 225W

Download a spec sheet: Sharp ND R1J solar panels (pdf)

Sharp solar panels NDR1J series

Sharp ND RA6 Series: 60 cells–245W, 240W, 235W

Download a spec sheet: Sharp ND RA6 solar panels (pdf)

Sharp solar panels NDRA6 series

Sharp solar panels: Complete solar kits for small-scale installations

Sharp’s solar panel kits come in a range of sizes for systems up to 4kWp in capacity. Kits include mounting brackets by Schletter and panels by Sharp.

Sharp solar panel kit diagram

Sharp solar panel kit diagram.

Sharp solar kit data sheets:

1.5kWp-1.95kWp (pdf)

2.0kWp-2.34kWp (pdf)

2.5kWp-3.0kWp (pdf)

3.12kWp-4.0kWp (pdf)

About Sharp Solar

Sharp Global Headquarters: Osaka, Japan

UK Headquarters: Sharp Energy Solutions Europe (SESE), Hamburg, Germany

Manufacturing Plants: Sharp has a number of solar panel manufacturing plants throughout the EU, including a factory in Wrexham, Wales.

Sharp Solar office and factory locations

History in the industry: Sharp has been involved in the solar PV industry for almost 50 year now. The company pioneered early applications of solar cells such as powering space satellites and solar-powered calculators.

Additional information:

In addition to leading the way in clean energy, Sharp is also a world leader in clean manufacturing, voluntarily putting into place its own stringent ‘Super Green Factory’ evaluation system. As of 2009, all of the Sharp factories in Japan had achieved Super Green Factory status, as well as 3 out of the 4 in the EU.

Sharp has partnered with Hitachi Capital (UK) in a strategic collaboration to offer attractive financing of solar installations using Sharp solar panels through accredited installers. Financing has been available since 2012, and will make going solar easier for both homes and businesses alike.

All images and data sheets via Sharp Solar

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