Solar Feed-in Tariff Announcement: Both Outcomes of Appeal Confirmed

by Solar Selections on January 19, 2012

Solar Feed-in Tariff Announcement: Both outcomes confirmedToday the news has come through from the Department of Energy and Climate Change confirming the results if they should win or lose their appeal. The appeal is in relation to overturning the High Court’s decision that the 12th December deadline for solar projects in the UK was unlawful. 

The Court of Appeal is still considering the DECC’s case at this point. The final decision on this appeal will not be known until that conclusion has been made. However we can now be certain of the following:

  • If the DECC win the case they have stated that the 21p tariff rates will apply to all systems installed between the 12th of December 2011 and 31st of March 2012.
  • If the DECC lose the case, their website announces that the 43.3p tariff rates will apply for installations that install between 12th of December 2011 and the 3rd of March 2012. Installations that take place between the 3rd and the 31st of March 2012 will then receive the 21p rates. Please note that all of these rates are for the full first 25 years of the systems operation.

This means that people can safely install systems now and until the 3rd of March 2012 no matter what happens, and be assured of a minimum 21p tariff rate.

As a quick reminder of what’s happening with the appeal; a quick review. There is always a prevalence for legal and governmental jargon to complicate proceedings such as these, so let’s be plain and simple. The DECC’s decision to bring in a deadline for solar installations on the 12th of December 2011 was judged to be unlawful by the High Court. The DECC has the capacity to lodge and argue an appeal to overturn this decision. This involves:

  1. First them formally lodging the appeal;
  2. Then the Court of Appeal granting them time to make the appeal (otherwise known as granting a hearing for the appeal); and
  3. Finally the DECC delivers it’s appeal to the court and a decision is made to uphold or reverse the original decision regarding the 12th of December deadline.
Good news then that regardless of the outcome of this the industry now has a tariff to work with.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

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