Solar Panel Analysis: SANYO HIT 235-240

by Solar Selections on January 18, 2012

One of the most widely recognised and marketed panels on the UK market; the SANYO HIT (now Panasonic HIT) is highly valued from a variety of perspectives. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Monocrystalline
  • Wattage (Pmax): 235w; 240w
  • Cell Efficiency: 21.6%; 21.1%
  • Module (Space) Efficiency: 18.6%; 19%
  • Output Power Tolerance: + 5-10%
  • Performance Warranty: 90% of Pmin after 10 years and 80% of Pmin after 25 years
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 5 years standard (10 years available)
  • Dimensions: Height 1580 mm x Width 798 mm


Sanyo HIT n235 se10 (235W) (Image via Sanyo) Sanyo HIT n235 se10 (235W) (Image via Sanyo)

All in all the Sanyo HIT panel maintains solid levels of module and cell efficiency, meaning that it is both space efficient and outputs within expected amounts. It also operates a positive only power tolerance, meaning that the Pmin (minimum power) should never be below the rates wattages of 235w and 240w respectively. The panel cells and silicon wafers are manufactured in California and Oregon USA. The assembly of the panels and SANYO’s manufacturing bases are in Mexico, Germany, Japan, Canada and the USA.

The warranty periods are the minimum, however, for any available panel on the market. Many panels are surpassing the 5 year manufacturer’s warranty in the modern market in the UK, with some panels now even coming with performance warranties over the 80% after 25 year marks. Whether this means that SANYO panels are less robust in the long run or simply streamlining their product and relying upon reputation as a solid performer to make sales; it’s difficult to say. Another factor is that the tend to be one of the most expensive panels available. The warranties can be overlooked to some degree, but with thousands of pounds required to consider SANYO options over their competitors, the justification remains an obstacle.

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