Solar Panel Analysis: SERAPHIM SRP-(295W-310W)-6MA

by Solar Selections on April 24, 2012

Solar Panel ManufacturerSeraphim products are new to the UK market, their range of Solar Panel modules offer a cost effective yet quality option for homeowners.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Monocrystalline
  • Wattage (Pmax): 310Wp
  • Max Cell Efficiency: 18.9%
  • Min. Module (Space) Efficiency: 16%
  • Output Power Tolerance: 0Wp – 4.99Wp
  • Performance Warranty: 90% of Pmin after 12 years and 80% of Pmin after 25 years
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 10 years standard
  • Dimensions: Height 1956 mm x Width 992 mm
  • Snow Loading: 8,000 Pa
  • Past Corrosion Testing: Salt Mist (IEC 61701) & Ammonia (CD IEC 62716)


Solar Panel Makeup

All in all the Seraphim 6MA panel offers high levels of module and cell efficiency, resulting in both space efficiency and outputs within desired amounts. A key indicator for a quality solar panel is the presence of a positive only power tolerance, which means that the Pmin (minimum power) will never be below the rated wattages of 295W to 310W respectively. The modules carry various TUV, MCS and CSA certifications on the different components of the panel, showing that the product meets the strictest International Standards. Seraphim utilises a vertically integrated approach to panel manufacturing. Seraphim produces everything from the silicon wafer to the finalised module, adopting this technique ensures quality control throughout production. It is worth noting that the Seraphim factories are highly automated, which means limited human error can creep into production and approx. 3,000 modules can be produced per day.

Seraphim has also been subject to strict testing from the well known Photon Lab. In Nov 2011, Seraphim panels ranked in 2nd place. The results can be found in Photon issues Jan 2012.

With a European base in Rotterdam, fast delivery can be promised across Europe.

One of the key strengths to the products offered by Seraphim is the extent and strength of the warranties offered. The performance warranty covers the panels performance to 90% output after 12 years, compared to the industry standard of just 10 years. Further to this the product materials are warranted for an industry leading 10 years. Finally, no warranty is worth the paper it is written on without any insurance. Seraphim’s warranties are insured with product liability and financial injury liability insurance through CHUBB.

Bankability now plays a big role in considering which modules to use for large scale solar installations. Seraphim is now considered “bankable” by Deutsche Bank, Mediocredito Bank and Unicredit leasing.

Written by Solar Selections

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