Solar Panel Comparison: New ’3 Best Solar Quotes’ System

by Solar Selections on December 5, 2012

Solar Panels are a great investmentComparing solar panel quotes can be tricky business. Solar Selections should know; we have been providing domestic customers in the UK with impartial, expert advice on their solar power projects for over two years. The way in which you receive your quotes though has recently changed, with a new, fast and direct to installer method already receiving rave reviews from recent customers.

Over the last two years, Solar Selections have been comparing the thousands of solar panel installers and solar offers that exist. We’ve always been providing helpful advice and good deals on solar quotes, but only recently have we been trialing a ’3 Best Solar Quotes’ system for solar panel customers in the domestic market.

This method involves a thorough vetting and selection process being undertaken before you’ve even spoken with your solar broker and ensures only the very best solar panel deals are sent your way.

Only the Most Appropriate Solar Panel Deals

The 3 Best Solar Quotes system starts with customers filling in the online Request a Quote Comparison form. With this one form you will have sent all the required information for your dedicated Solar Power Broker to check your project out and appraise viability. Your broker will then give you a quick call.

Your Solar Power Broker and you will then run through some finer details about the property, your project and relevant subsidies over the phone. This is all to ensure that you receive only the best and most appropriate quotes from our network of over 50 active solar panel installers. These are the best we’ve found over two years of research, so it’s well worth five minutes of your time to see their solar panel deals.

Quality, Cost Competitive and Award Winning Solar Quotes

Rather than they receiving dozens of irrelevant offers from installers offering similar products and prices as everyone else; your 3 Best Quotes will then be hand-picked by your Solar Power Broker. The three solar panel installers that are selected will give you a call at your chosen times, provide you with their best offers and see if a no-obligation site survey is desired.

You are then free to pursue (or not) any of them you wish. Your Solar Power Broker is on hand if you ever require any impartial guidance and support along the way. They also aim to bring you quotes from a Local Quality installer, as well as cost competitive and award winning ones.

It’s a simple; direct line to three of the best solar panel installers you’re going to find.

Why not try it today? Request a Quote Comparison with Solar Selections and the best solar panel deals await your consideration. Don’t forget with Solar Selections it’s always no obligation; no cost. Our solar panel installers are thoroughly checked for accreditation, insurance, long term business stability and experience.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

020 7205 2267

© 2012 Solar Selections Ltd

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