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by Solar Selections on February 6, 2013

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Looking for solar panel deals in Essex, England? Located in the sunnier southern region of the country, Essex is one of the best places in the UK to install a solar PV system. Essex residents who install solar panels could see returns of over 20%Low solar system prices, combined with the UK’s Feed-in Tariff and the rising cost of electricity in the UK, mean great investment conditions for solar solar panels in Essex. Let Solar Selections help you find the best solar panel deals in Essex.

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Benefits of installing solar panels in Essex

Turn Essex sunshine into electricity bill savings

In order to find the best deal on solar panels in Essex, it’s important to understand how solar panels can benefit a home or business. Depending on where it is installed in the UK, a solar system will produce more or less electricity depending on the amount of sunshine that it sees. Essex, located in the southeast of England, is fortunately one of the sunniest spots in the country.

On average 1 kilowatt-peak (kWp) capacity of solar installed on a south-facing rooftop in the Essex will produce approximately 2.35 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day (as provided by SAP), averaged over the course of a year.

Solar panel systems of the following sizes installed in Essex can therefore expect the yields shown below (figures indicative only):

1.5kWp solar system: 3.53kWh of electricity per day;

2kWp solar system: 4.7kWh;

3kWp solar system: 7.05kWh;

4kWp solar system: 9.4kWh;

5kWp solar system: 11.75kWh; and

10kWp solar system: 23.5kWh.

Keep in mind that these figures are the annual average–systems will generate more power in summer and less in winter.

How much money will this save me on my power bills?

Solar panels save Essex homes money in 3 ways:

1) The UK’s feed-in tariff mandates that utilities pay you for each kWh of solar power that you generate (the ‘generation tariff’);

2) Electricity prices are rising–Each kWh of power that you generate and use yourself is one more kWh that you don’t have to purchase from the grid, and a savings on your power bill; and

3) You also will  be paid a small amount for every kWh of solar energy that your system produces but that you don’t use at home (the ‘export tariff’).

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How to find the best solar panel deals in Essex, England

Ensuring that your system is going to offer you the best possible return on investment means finding the best possible deal on the components and installation. Solar Selections is headquartered in London, but our 50+ strong network of solar panel installers spans the UK–including Essex. We make it easy for Essex residents to compare the prices and components on offer from solar installers who operate in the the Essex area.

Contact us today. Our services are 100% free to our customers.

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