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by Solar Selections on January 31, 2013

Solar panel system savings

Trying to find the best price on solar panels? Many a price-conscious customer would opt to seek out the cheapest solar panels possible, but the cheapest price isn’t always the best price. It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a solar panel system before simply opting for the least-cost option.

First: find the best-sized system for your home or business

The first factor influencing the price of any solar photovoltaic (PV) system is the capacity of the system itself. It may seem obvious, but the higher the capacity of the system, the more it will tend to cost. Because of the way that the UK’s feed-in tariff incentive for solar panels is divided, the most popular solar system sizes have proven to be in the 4 kilowatt (kW, or kWp) or smaller range–usually 2kW, 3kW or 4kW. However, it is often overlooked that larger systems afford owners comparable returns on investment–a 10kW solar system, for example, has about the same payback period as a 4kW system, and will actually cost slightly less per watt to install.

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What is the best price for your solar panel system?

As a rule of thumb, solar systems can be installed for £1.31 per watt these days (1kW = 1,000 watts), so a 2kW system would cost around £2,620 fully installed, and so on.  Whether this £1.31/W price is the best price available depends on also on the quality of the components used and the history of the installer who is to do the job. For this reason it is key to compare solar installers and their offerings.

After system size, the most influential factor when it comes to system price is the quality of the components used. Generally speaking (but not always), higher-end, brand-name components (inverters as well as the solar panels themselves) will cost more. What they promise in return is higher yields and less required maintenance over the lifetime of the system–which could be up to 30 years. While many may opt to take a gamble on lower-quality components, it isn’t always recommended–systems that use good components and have good warranties from reputable companies will last 30+ years with minimal maintenance.

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Compare solar installation deals & get the best price with Solar Selections

That being said, it’s usually possible to find good deals on solar systems by shopping around. Solar Selections makes this easy for anyone looking for a solar PV system in the UK; we work with over 50 of the UK’s most prominent solar installers, offering free advice and Solar Quote Comparisons. If you’re considering going solar, fill out the form to the right of this page or get in touch with us via email or telephone.

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