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by Solar Selections on February 21, 2013

Sheffield coat of arms: Compare solar panels Sheffield

Solar panels are already saving Sheffield homes and businesses money on their power bills, as they are across the rest of the UK as well. The first step in getting the best deals on a system is to compare Sheffield solar panel installers. Solar Selections can help you do this for free.

Compare Sheffield solar panel installers for free! Request a free Solar Quote Comparison by completing the form to the right of this page or call 020 7205 2267 for more information.

Sheffield solar panels: Understanding the advantages

The Sheffield city region is informal area comprised of Sheffield, Rotherham, Bamsley, Doncaster, Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, Bolsover, Bassetlaw, and Derbyshire Dales. Located in South Yorkshire county in northern England. Solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice for reducing electricity bills across the UK, and the UK’s solar industry has been growing phenomenally in the past several years, driven by both the country’s feed-in tariff for renewable energy as well as the falling price of solar photovoltaics (PV) technology globally.

How will a solar panel system save Sheffield homes on their power bills?

There are 3 ways that a solar panel system saves a home money.

1) The UK’s feed-in tariff requires utility companies to pay solar producers a set amount for each unit of power that their systems produce. This is known as the ‘generation tariff’.

2) Electricity prices are on the rise across the UK, and this trend is not expected to reverse anytime soon. Each unit of power that your solar system produces is one more unit that the system’s owner doesn’t need to purchase from the utilities.

3) The feed-in tariff also pays system owners a small amount for each unit of power that they do not consume themselves but instead ‘export’ to the grid. This is known as the ‘export tariff’.

How much money will a solar system save me?

The answer to this question depends mainly on the size of the system that you install. Solar systems with a peak capacity of 4 kilowatts (kW) or less are proving the most popular size for homes in the UK, however, thanks to their relative affordability combined with the fact that the feed-in tariff rates are most generous for systems within this size bracket.

Actual performance and savings will vary, but under the current feed-in tariff rates, a 4kW solar system costing around £5,240 to install will save a home approximately £500-£700 annually. This is a payback period of about 6-7 years, with an annual return on investment of around 15-20%.

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Find the best solar panel deals in Sheffield: Contact Solar Selections

In order to identify the best solar deals in the Sheffield, it’s key to shop around and compare what’s on offer. Solar Selections has been helping customers across the UK to find the best deals on solar systems by working with a network of over 50 installers throughout the country, including a number who operate in the Sheffield area.

Contact us today. Our services are 100% free to our customers.

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