Solar Power Campaign to Raise Positive Awareness

by Jarrah Harburn on October 16, 2012

Solar panel campaigns for tariff explanationA new social media campaign by the name of ‘Please Your Plug’ aims to highlight the benefits of solar power on a national scale. Following on from a tumultous year of feed in tariff reductions and ROC review announcements, the news comes as a welcome change and aims to bring together information for householders and businesses to understand and implement solar power on their UK properties while the tariffs remain effective.

Please Your Plug Campaign

The campaign has been announced for release in the early stages of 2013. Lead by Our Solar Future and CleanTech PR consultancy CCgroup, Please Your Plug aims to bring together the UK Solar Panel industry in ways not fully realised before. The potential for solar power in the UK is still clear, with studies showing the desired impact on energy bills being sought by those installing solar panels is being achieved. Regardless of the slight feed-in tariff digression models now in place, this trend is expected to continue right through to 2015. However it is reliant upon wide reaching, positively oriented marketing to reach out, educate and direct property owners to understand the full costs and benefits a solar panel system can provide.

The campaign is going to use entertaining, visually striking videos and imagery to convey the message that solar panels are above all a useful, affordable upgrade to a property. The unused roof space that exists on the majority of developments in the UK can be used for a simple, cheap and safe solar power investment.

Clear Explanations on Feed In Tariffs

One of the most damaging impacts of the governments handling of the UK solar feed-in tariffs over the last 24 months has been what incentives and costs remain for solar panels. The Please Your Plug website is placing as one of their primary guidelines an effective explanation of the various investment options and tariffs that apply to any given solar installation. Be it a domestic 4kWp installation, a community scheme or a funded ground-mounted solar farm; the nuts and bolts of returns and costs will be detailed clearly and simply.

Attempts at a viral video are also being made in the hopes that an effective explanation of the campaign and solar panels in the UK can reach millions of residents and business owners. After all, a solar panel does not have to be a complicated, untrustworthy aspect to a home or business. The clean renewable energy generated from the simple, sturdy design lends itself to social marketing in a way that the major utilities have managed to establish with gas and electricity. Npower, British Gas and EON have all displayed this in recent campaigns of their own; perhaps in anticipation of their recent dramatic increases in energy and gas charges. Solar panels come with no such negative attributes.

Funding Considerations

The Please Your Plug campaign is reliant upon industry support and funding. Supporting partners benefit from marketing integration into the websites various sections, raising their own brand awareness among viewers. The campaign is asking for 300 organisation to contribute £500 in order to unify the voices of the solar power industry and make real headway into the required marketing and presence we all need to prosper. Let’s not forget, the tariffs aren’t gone and it’s up to us to ensure we make the most of their remaining influence.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

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