Solar Power Feed-in Tariff Rates to Maintain into February 2013

by Jarrah Harburn on November 19, 2012

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Solar power installation rates in the UK from August to October has been lower than the minimum amount required to lower the solar feed-in tariffs, industry sources have claimed. Ultimately, this means that it is likely the feed-in tariffs will remain at their current levels when the next automatic review occurs on the 1st of February 2013 – good news for consumers.

Installation rates from the DECC show that only 70MWp have been installed in this three month block from August to October. The minimum rate that would bring in a reduction in the Feed-in Tariff is 100MWp.

After the numerous reductions to the feed-in tariff that have occurred through 2012, the news is positive – if the rates are maintained ultimately more stability is provided for people considering solar power. Request your Quote Comparison from Solar Selections by clicking here or by filling out the form to the right of this page.

Current Rates of Return on Solar Panels

With current pricing trends seeing a 4kWp solar power system installed for £5,500 inc VAT returns are really quite fantastic at around 15% ROI. They are in fact some of the best returns solar power has seen in the UK ever. If pricing continues to slowly reduce as competitiveness continues, then the prospect of installing solar panels now becomes all the more feasible for homeowners and businesses.

Solar Installers Price Competitiveness Thriving – But Longevity a Concern

For the industry the news is not as positive, especially for your average solar installer. Low installation rates mean there is little work to be done and many small businesses are struggling to maintain overheads. Considering the avalanche of solar installers that have entered the industry over the last 24 months we could see a large number switch focus to alternative technologies or revert back to original trades such as roofing and electrical contract work.

This competitiveness among solar power installers means pricing is as low as it’s ever been. However, it also means that installers are struggling to find the work they need to survive. Whilst the MCS standards and REAL accreditations go far to ensure quality of service and installation, the last thing anyone wants is to think of their solar installer as being on the brink of bankruptcy for fear of future service complications.

Researching Longevity in a Solar Installer

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to receive a full balance sheet and business report on every installer than offers you a solar quote. There are a few things to look out for though such as history, length of operation in the industry, market diversity and sustainable business practices such as an abundance of happy testimonials and long-standing employees. This is not a complete guide; however, it is some food for thought on choosing a solar installer you want to be around for many decades to come.

Solar Selections of course carry out these kinds of checks with the solar installers in our network, so you’ve got a second opinion from the outset. In combination with our solar energy generation comparison advice you can be sure the solar power project you are considering will be taken seriously and with a long term view.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s digression model aims to maintain the feed-in tariff incentives if installation rates are below certain thresholds. This solar feed-in tariff digression model is designed to make solar panel installations in the UK a sustainable, attractive prospect for people and not to cost the public large amounts of money. Reports are that the feed-in tariff have cost energy consumers approximately £11 each a year since their implementation, far less than increases in gas and energy bills have attempted to maintain.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

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