Solar Power to Contribute to your EPC Rating

by Solar Selections on March 12, 2012

With the encroaching April 1st deadline now merely weeks away, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings will be coming into play for all installations post April 1st, 2012. With one of our previous articles covering the basics of the EPC’s, this article examines the impact your solar system will likely have.

On your way to establishing the full 55 Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) points needed for a ‘D’ banded EPC, the boiler is becoming the obvious main point on a checklist. If a property has a condensed boiler this stands for a whopping 47 SAP’s, leaving only 8 further points required to reach the band needed for full access to the Feed-in Tariffs (FiT).

Reaching EPC Band ‘D’ with a Condensed Boiler

Now as we’ve covered previously, this can be reached fairly easily through cavity wall or roof insulation worth 13 and 10 SAP’s respectively. However, for those that perhaps do not have a condensed boiler or cannot afford insulation on top the good news is that solar pv will contribute at least 11 SAP’s on average to your domestic property’s EPC rating. A specific EPC assessment will be required to lock down how much exactly the solar installation will put in, but this is great news from the outset for a large proportion of people across the UK.

This development essentially means that having a condensed boiler alone means your property will easily reach the EPC band ‘D’ needed and you can install solar after April 1st 2012 without concern.

Reaching EPC Band ‘D’ without a Condensed Boiler

For those without a condensed boiler the way forward still exists through alternative means. Using the insulation points as well as double glazing, energy efficient lighting and power savings devices will all help. The path will be longer, so a thorough EPC assessment is the first step forwards. Review our previous article on the EPC ratings and bear in mind a condensed boiler will cost in the vicinity of £1,500-£2,500 for supply and install. In the long run it will pay for itself, especially if cheques from your solar feed-in tariff are added to the equation. Solar Selections can help you to organise an EPC assessment and also have the price reduced from your solar installation through one of our many accredited installation partners.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

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