Solar PV installations in the UK

by Solar Selections on January 25, 2013

Solar PV installations in the UK

Solar PV installations in the UK have become very popular as investments since the introduction in 2008 of the UK’s feed-in tariff for renewable energy. Solar PV technology is set to play an increasingly important role in the UK’s future energy mix, thanks to the scalability of their size and

What is a solar PV installation?

A solar photovoltaic (PV) installation, or solar PV system, is comprised of essentially 2 things–a solar panel array, which converts sunlight into energy, and an inverter, which converts the DC electricity produced by the panels into usable AC electricity. AC electricity is the type of power used by virtually all the appliances in a home, and it is also the sort of electricity that runs through the power cables that carry power from conventional power stations such as coal and nuclear plants to homes and businesses across the UK. The other parts in a solar PV system include the cables and the mounts that hold the panels to the roof.

An optional component sometimes found in systems is a performance-monitoring device, which may be installed with the system or purchased after-market. Alternatively, some inverters have built-in WiFi or other wireless communications capabilities that allow system performance to be monitored remotely, usually over the internet.

Is solar PV really worth it in the UK?

Many people wonder about this, but the resounding answer is ‘yes’. Despite the nation’s reputation for sometimes dismal weather, solar PV has been proving its worth across all parts of the UK–even Scotland. The reason is at the moment is government support for the technology, which was recently even incorporated in to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC’s) Clean Energy Roadmap.

Why are UK homes and businesses installing solar PV systems?

There are 3 factors influencing the increasing investment-worthiness of solar PV installations in the UK. These are:

1) The UK’s feed-in tariff, which rewards solar system owners for each unit of power that their system produces (called the Generation Tariff), as well as each unit that they export to the electrical grid (known as the Export Tariff).

2) The falling cost of installing a solar PV system. The cost per watt of solar PV technology has dropped to under half of what it was just a couple of years ago, thanks to increased competition between manufacturers and installers, and a huge global increase of the number of panels being produced. At the time of writing, systems can be found whose cost is in the £1.31/watt range–this means a total installation cost of £5,240 for a 4kW solar system.

3) Electricity prices are rising in the UK, and solar PV systems are seen as a smart way to safeguard against the rising cost of purchasing electricity from the grid. Electricity prices are expected to continue to climb across the country into the future, and homes that have solar power and use as much power as possible while the sun shines will offset their electricity bills significantly.

Compare solar PV system prices–anywhere in the UK

Solar Selections works with a network of over 50 solar PV system installers across the UK to find our customers the solar deal that best suits their budget and needs. Contact Solar Selections today. Request a Solar Quote Comparison by filling out the form to the right of this page, or call us on 020 7205 2267. Our services are 100% free to our customers.

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