Solar Selections: An overview of our service

by Solar Selections on September 29, 2011


Curious about what kind of service Solar Selections can provide? Interested in finding out more information before requesting a Quote Comparison from us? Here at Solar Selections we’re conscious of the fact that Solar Brokering is a concept unique to our business, and as such we’ve compiled this quick guide on what to expect from our service.

The Decision to Go Solar


To begin with remember, it’s obligation free and we’ve been helping people with this decision for years. With the high degrees of sales pressure existing in the current UK market, we pride ourselves here on being the objective, calm voice of reason in the industry. We also understand that the investments being made are considerable in price and will not take your time or consideration for granted. It’s a complicated decision and one with many years of returns so let’s consider all aspects and work through the following guide together:

  1. Your Details, Preferences and Property.

    By filling out the Request Quote Comparison form it’s ensure that we’re both on the same wavelength. Time-frames, previous quotes, house orientation and panel preferences among
    others… The information you enter we double check. We then send you the initial Comparison to allow you to see which installers are working in your area, where their pricing is at and what kind of products and service they provide. By this stage you’ve already let us know if you wish to be contacted directly by installers and the appropriate information has been sent through if so.
    You are now a Solar Selections customer, and our team is conscious of your job’s preliminary details. You’ve also received the Product and Price Comparison Summary in your email address, and are beginning to understand the comprehensiveness of our approach. If you’re particularly savvy you may have some specific queries, but on the most part we expect that you’re interested in some of the offers out there, and want to know more.

  2. Project Specifics and Comparing Quotes.

    The next step usually involves a Solar Broker specific to the project’s region and nature calling up to address any initial thoughts and get a better gauge on where you’re up to. First enquiries may want some more time to consider the comparison or simply a better time to speak. More advanced solar enthusiasts may be after a specific panel or inverter and therefore a more tailored Quote Comparison. These matters are discussed with you and our Solar Energy Brokers get to work, sourcing the information from installers you need and scouring the industry for the most appropriate options.
    This process can take anywhere from a few hours to months. You’ll be in direct contact with your Solar Broker the whole time and we’re here to assist you throughout the whole process. You decide how much contact you’d appreciate from us, and we do our best work in helping you to establish what you want, who can provide it and when you want it done.

  3. Decision Making and Selecting an Installer.

    Once feasibility is established and a suitable quote has been found, Solar Selections then helps you to approve the offer, organise the site survey and then have the installation carried out. Our online comparison allows you to select the installer, size and system you want to proceed with whether your project be residential, commercial or industrial. By accepting the terms online the installation company is immediately notified and then prompted to get in touch to move your project forward. We are in direct contact with management of all our installers and can get the answers you desire regarding installation times, panel placement and grid connection. Should any communication issues arise, Solar Selections Brokers are the first to respond, giving you a helpful third party with industry connections to get the ball moving again.

  4. Installation, System Monitoring and Maintenance.

    The installation day arrives, and your installer proceeds to commission your new solar energy system on your property. Upon completion, all necessary paperwork and grid connections are carried out in the following days and your Solar Selections Broker is there to assist with any of the project organisation or management required. Post installation issues are immediately addressed, and only once you’ve completely satisfied with the installation do we enter the final stage, and most enjoyable, stage of the process; system monitoring.
    Measure your output daily via your inverter’s LCD display and verify with your energy bills the affects the system is having. With a fantastic amount of information on expected outputs available, Solar Selections is there to help you measure and compare the effectiveness of your system. If output issues arise we can get arrange the installer to come back on-site to inspect the installation and uncover the problem. Of course, this rarely happens, and most of the time is spent examining your output with others in the community that have now had the pleasure of going solar. With kW’s literally translating into direct savings and earnings for your property, the pleasure of comparing your performance with those of friends, neighbours or family members is quite enthralling!

Ready to begin? Remember the government’s feed-in tariff is being reviewed in April 2012. Enquire online today and experience the Solar Selections process for yourself.
Written by Jarrah Harburn

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