Solar Selections Sponsor the GovToday ‘Natural Environment Conference’

by Jarrah Harburn on June 15, 2012

As the depth of knowledge and debate growths regarding the importance of the natural environment in the UK, conferences and forums for discussion becoming increasingly important events. Whenever government, public and private sectors unite to review the development and progress of society in particular ways positive exchanges of information and perspective can help outline the right ways forward for us all. Solar Selections is a corporate sponsor of the recent Natural Environment Conference held in London and this article will review what was discussed and exchanged over the course of the day.

Natural Environment Conference Logo

The Brewery in London was the venue for the 12th June Natural Environment Conference; a GovToday event. GovToday are an important organisation linking government bodies, public and private organisations and industry experts together. GovToday hand-picks the corporate sponsors for their events and on an ongoing basis to ensure effective, experienced industry leading companies are put in front of delegates. The success of their sponsors is pivotal to the effectiveness of GovToday; so it is with great pride Solar Selections accepted the invitation to represent the solar power industry at this event and for the indefinite future.

The Natural Environment Conference

The primary focus of the one day conference was discussion of the governments recent White Paper publication on the natural environment of the UK. Specifically the sustainable utilisation and growth of the natural resources that the environment provides us every day. Discussions on greenhouse gases, natural resources, renewable energy (solar power), water cycle and distribution, wind energy and preservation were all present.

The primary goals of a conference such as this are the expression and sharing of knowledge and the establishment and promotion of pivotal partnerships and alliances within the greater societal involvement. Solar power was obviously one of the major areas that Solar Selections were present to discuss, and many upfront and honest opinions were shared on perspective of solar power from a public sector and governmental perspective. This provided an excellent grounds for Solar Selections to highlight the new feed-in tariff assurances and commercial solar power viability that we have experienced and helped establish in the UK.

Primary Findings

There were a number of fairly unanimous conclusions:

  • The Natural Environment areas of the UK are under serious threat. They are too few, too isolated and too small to be considered sustainable given recent and ongoing development and community regard. There needs to be more, larger and well connected natural environment areas and the government and various trusts have taken the lead in ensuring this is being done.
  • Biodiversity is suffering due to the decline of natural environment regions in the UK.
  • Water is of vital importance to the sustainable maintenance and promotion of the UK’s natural environments. Currently up to 90% of water used for domestic and industrial purposes is wasted. Water utilities need to combat these figures with greater abstraction, monitoring and distribution processes.
  • Greenhouse gases and our inability to harness and effectively use our natural resources are of primary blame with this.
  • Renewable energy plays a major role in the lowering of emitted greenhouse gases. Solar power, biomass, wind energy and renewable heat sources are needed to ensure sustainable use of our natural resources.

The conference provides a launchpad for Solar Selections to assist the UK government, National Trust and utility companies appraise their energy efficiency and use of solar power. The ongoing relationships forged and developed provide fantastic opportunities for our installation and funding partners with some of the most influential companies in the country. By using one of our greatest natural resources in the sun, we plan on championing the natural environment for our future generations.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

T: 020 7205 2267

© 2012 Solar Selections Ltd

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