Supreme Court Appeal Lodged by the DECC

by Solar Selections on February 21, 2012

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) under new leader Ed Davey has lodged their appeal against the 12th December Feed-in Tariff deadline overturning. The outcomes of this appeal have been covered, so let’s consider the motivations and meaning behind the move more deeply.

The announcement has been met with widespread negativity from the industry. In summary it does little other than to prolong the uncertainty surround the feed-in tariff rates for installations that take place before March the 3rd 2012. The process from here could take up to 12 months to reach a decision, with the first step being whether the Supreme Court decides that the case is worthy of being heard.

One of the most surprising aspects of the announcement is that Ed Davey, having taken over from Chris Huhne last month due to his embroilment in a driving points scandal, has continued down this path. Mr Davey maintains no connection whatsoever with the original policy development or alterations to the feed-in tariff fiasco. His justifications for this move can only be conjectured at.

The voices within the industry mainly consider this little more than a process to dampen installation rates across the UK in the approach to the 3rd of March deadline. Given the proximity of the date at the time of writing however, one can only guess how far down this process the DECC will go towards overturning the original High Court decision.


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