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Lease your land for solar: Returns on 5MWp solar parks in Swansea, Wales

January 9, 2013
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Those who own land in Swansea, Wales may want to consider leasing out a portion of it for a solar park or solar farm. Thanks to the region’s sunny climate, solar power systems large and small have proved popular here. This article is an overview of the potential returns for Swansea residents who choose to lease [...]

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Commercial Solar Power Finance Package – Solar Selections

February 16, 2012
Unique Financing Package for large-scale commercial solar installations

Solar Selections can now offer businesses a unique solution to financing a large scale solar power installation. Solar Selections has been working on an exclusive finance package for businesses looking to invest in Solar Pv. The package is structured so that there is no upfront capital requirement and tax benefits are handled efficiently. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this [...]

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Discussing the Future of the UK Solar Industry: Part Two – Commercial

December 7, 2011
Future of the UK Solar Feed-in Tariff: Commercial Solar

With two significant reductions in the feed-in tariffs for commercial systems taking place within the last twelve months, it’s understandable that the UK industry is taking stock of what has occurred. It’s obvious now that the government incentives introduced for commercial solar power were too generous to sustain. It’s also becoming increasingly evident that the [...]

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