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CIGS thin-film solar panels improving in efficiency

February 5, 2013
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Solar panels made using CIGS cell technology have been increasing in efficiency over the past few years. Although silicon-cell solar panels still dominate the residential solar PV market, a number of advances in CIGS cell efficiency promise a possible increase in the popularity of the technology. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook [...]

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Best Solar Panels

March 12, 2012
Best Solar Panels in the UK

There are many considerations that need to be accounted for when determining which solar panels are the “best”. To start with one solar panel might be better/more suited to one situation over another. This article shall approach a number of scenarios, giving examples of how different panels are more suited to different scenarios. Bookmark on [...]

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The Truth on Solar Panel Efficiency

October 3, 2011

Many of us spend a lot of time researching which solar panels we want to to invest in. There are a number of characteristics that we should be considering; however, the key indicator seems to be solar panel efficiency. It seems that the UK market has an obsession with panel efficiency and I just want us to ask ourselves why. Bookmark [...]

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