UK Consumers Survey Finds Solar Panels Reduce Cost of Living

by Jarrah Harburn on August 24, 2012

Energy bills are reduced by solar powerConsumer Opinion Panel research outfit have published results from a survey they conducted with homeowners that have installed solar panels in the UK. The survey was focused on whether people had installed solar panels, why they had done so and if their cost of living and energy bills had been affected. Some of the major highlights include why people chose to install solar panels in the first place and what affect it has had on their energy bills.

There are many reasons why people in the UK have turned to solar power in recent times. It is always helpful though to consider the original motivations behind those who make the move to better understand if the decision to go solar should be more widely or less widely considered. The survey by was carried out with 1,391 people.

Motivations Behind Installing Solar Panels’s survey demographic stated that 80% of them chose to install solar panels to combat their cost of living and reduce energy bills. More than third of people in the survey said they were finding current energy bills to become unaffordable. With the major energy retailers increasing bills twice in the last year it is obviously an issue close to many people’s mind. On top of this, over 70% of those that had installed solar believed that solar panels were an effective way to reduce current bills and protect themselves for the future. Only 35% of people that had not installed solar did not believe this to be the case. So let’s settle the argument, did installing solar panels have the affect people expected?

Results on Cost of Living

Over two thirds of the population surveyed that had installed solar panels had seen their energy bills and cost of living reduced significantly. Obviously different sized systems and bills would contribute to making estimates of average saving unreliable, but the ultimate notion of this majority seeing the impact they hoped for is good news. A huge 85% of those that installed would recommend the technology to their friends and family, showing that the growth of solar panels must truly be one of the fastest markets in the UK.

It’s always nice to have a  bit of assurance isn’t it. Energy bills aren’t going anywhere but up and the cost of living is always an issue close to heart. Solar panels are an increasingly proven measure to turn the tide against these squeezes.

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Written by Jarrah Harburn

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