World’s largest transparent solar PV roof to be built in New Jersey, USA

by Solar Selections on October 19, 2012

A massive semi-transparent roof will be providing power for the head office US pharmaceutical company Novartis in New Jersey. The 295-kilowatt (kW) solar system is a major milestone for the building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) industry, and for BIPV specialist firm Sunways AG, which will provide the 161,000 modules that will comprise the system.

Interest in BIPV has been growing globally, but has yet to reach the same sort of scale as conventional solar PV systems, which can be retrofitted to most buildings. New large-scale BIPV projects are still relatively small in number, and Novartis’ solar roof, to be located on the HQ’s oncology department, will be the largest of its kind in the world once construction of the new-build building is completed. The modules will be relatively small in size, at 125 x 125 mm, and will allow light to pass through them onto the the building itself while simultaneously capturing the sun’s rays to produce electricity and reduce the building’s carbon emissions.

In addition to conventional solar panels, Sunways AG is a world-leader in BIPV solar modules, and works closely with architecture firms in the from the design stage to produce modules and energy solutions that fit seamlessly into the building envelope. Some of the projects that incorporate their products are stunning examples of cutting-edge architecture and building construction innovation. True to the BIPV ethos, buildings using their products usually have a holistic approach to sustainability in mind, and incorporate other energy efficiency and waste efficiency measures to reduce the overall impact of the building’s construction and operational impacts on the environment.

Sunways AG Basel reference: 92kWp BIPV solar system. (Image via Sunways AG)

Sunways AG Basel reference: 92kWp BIPV solar system. (Image via Sunways AG)

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