Your Product and Price Comparison Explained

by Solar Selections on September 29, 2011

Once you receive your Product and Price Comparison from one of our Solar Selections Brokers, you’re likely to have a quick look over it. Whilst there is a lot of information to find, the display used allows you to quickly and easily compare one installer’s quote with another. It’s been individually generated for you by your Solar Broker, so this guide will give you a quick rundown on how to interpret it.

The Product and Price Comparison

First of all, you receive two copies of your comparison. One is stored online, and is found by clicking on the highlighted blue ‘click here‘ in the second paragraph of the email. The second is a PDF, attached to the email. The online version is only available when you are online, so if you’re not connected to the internet it will not work. When offline, use the PDF copy instead to peruse your options. The online version is presented in an easy way to read format, so it’s preferable when both are available.

The Layout

The introductory paragraph states the date that the comparison was sent, and importantly also lists the date of its expiry. This is always 14 days after it was sent, so keep that in mind when considering older comparisons. After our contact details the first table will appear and this will display the information for the smallest sized system that your Solar Broker has sent for you. We have the capacity to send sizes from 1kW to 30kW, and depending on the scale of your project the appropriate sizes will be listed chronologically in a vertical scrolling formation. Remember, if your comparison doesn’t contain a size you’re interested in, contact us here and we’ll send it straight through.

The Tables

The Installers are listed as columns, whilst their quote information is displayed along the rows. Beginning with the total output of the quote, relevant details displayed cover the panels, inverters, warranties, price breakdowns, final totals, Solar Selections Discounts, deposits, upgraded inverter sizes, possible extras and comments. Take your time to compare each installer with the other, as their allocation to a column is generated at random in order to maintain objectivity. Some may be offering more premium systems whilst others will go for the cost-competitive option. It’s up to you to outline your own preferences and priorities, with of course assistance from your Solar Selections Broker.

The largest sized quote will be the final table, and that will conclude the Product and Price Comparison Summary. If you’ve any queries about some of the details on there, or would like to have your own uniquely discounted comparison sent through, get in touch with us today.

Written by Jarrah Harburn

020 7205 2267

© 2011 Solar Selections Pty Ltd

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