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Free Procurement Management for Solar PV including Cash-Flow positive Finance Models

Solar Selections is approached regularly to manage commercial-scale solar power procurement options for Private Commercial, Government, Community Projects and Schools.

As an independent solar energy broker with a broad selection of established installers, we are strongly positioned to serve as an impartial solar advisor so that the solar acquisition process is handled - and is seen to be handled - at arm's length.

Solar Selections can broker a comparison of highly competitive and quality solar power procurement options from a shortlist of prominent installers in our network. We provide unbiased and informative advice so that our customers can make an informed decision without being pushed in any particular direction.

Procurement Options Include:

- Up front purchase of a Solar PV system for which Solar Selections will manage a tender process.

- Financed solar installation. Solar Selections can help source attractive finance models for the installation of a PV array. Under certain circumstances a Financed Solar Installation can remain cash flow positive from year 1. Click here to read more.

- Fully funded solar, a fund will pay for the installation of the system in return for the Feed-in Tariff and a highly competitive fee for the power produced (Otherwise known as a Power Purchase Agreement). Rates as low as 6p/kWh can be experienced on the right site.

- Funded Energy Efficiency Makeover, for a site consuming over £30k per annum in electricity and heating bills, a fund will pay for various energy efficiency measures to be installed, including; Solar Pv, Biomass, LED lighting, etc. In return the fund will take a percentage of the actual savings experienced by the upgrades for a contract term of 5 - 10 years. Once the contract term is up all of the upgrades and associated benefits are handed over to the property at zero cost.

Our service is free to customers. We are able to broker improved prices than what can be accomplished by contacting commercial installers directly.

Please see our Solar Feed in Tariffs page for a break down of the eligibility of certain system sizes to the various generation tariffs.

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Some ongoing commercial-scale solar power tenders managed by Solar Selections include:

25MW Solar Farm in Hertfordshire, England

1.5megawatt (MW) Solar Farming Venture in Gwent, Wales

Operational Lease Finance for a 3MW Solar Farm in Devon, England

1.5MW Solar Farm in Norwich

1.25MW Rooftop Solar installations in Scunthorpe

Multiple 250kWp Rooftop Solar installations for major hardware distributor

Appointed Primary Solar consultant for 1000+ 2kWp Remote Power installations across the UK

120kWp Rooftop Solar installation for plastic manufacturer in Scotland

5MW Solar Farm in Essex

Examples of previous tenders successfully managed by Solar Selections Commercial and Australian parent company Solar Choice:

Multiple 50kW installations on poultry farm units across the UK

50kWp commercial solar power installations on poultry farms across the UK

Read more about these installations.

100kW crystalline solar panel installation uniquely engineered roof for government trust premises at North Ryde, Sydney Australia

100kW rooftop commercial solar power system in North Ryde Sydney Australia

ING retirement villages: Australia-wide rollout

Australia-wide roll-out of commercial solar power installations for iNG retirement homes

30kW commercial installation at Narromine Bowling Club, NSW Australia

30kW commercial solar power system at Narromine Bowling Club, NSW Australia

100kW tubular solar power installation on prominent club in Blacktown, NSW Australia

100kW tubular solar power installation on prominent club in Blacktown NSW Australia

12kW rooftop installation for McDonald's restaurant in Kilsyth, Victoria Australia

12kW commercial solar power installation on McDonald's restaurant in Kilsyth Victoria Australia

Read more about this project.

80kW thin-film amorphous silicon commercial solar panel installation in Derby, Western Australia

80kW rooftop commercial solar power installation in Derby Western Australia

Read more about this project.

120kW at regional airport in Newman, Western Australia

120kW commercial solar power installation Newman Western Australia

Numerous large installations for apartment blocks, strata title managers and body corporates across Australia, such as this 10kW tubular solar power installation on an apartment block in Manly, Sydney Australia

10kW tubular solar power installation on apartment rooftop in Manly Sydney Australia

Numerous 10kW to 30kW ground-mounted solar farm installations throughout rural Australia, similar to the below 10kW system in Western NSW

10kW commercial solar farm in western NSW, Australia

Read more about this project.

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Indicative Price Modelling for Commercial Scale Installations

The incentives as listed above make large scale solar most economically attractive for those who install systems between 10 and 50 kilowatts (kWp). Below are some indicative price models for payback for 3 sizes of commercial solar installation:

10kWp = from approximately £14,500* ex VAT

Generating approx 2.2kWh per 1kWp installed in the UK per day (conservative) = 22kWh per day

30kWp = from approximately 38,000* ex VAT

Generating approx 2.2kWh per 1kWp installed in the UK per day (conservative) = 66kWh per day

50kWp = from approximately £50,000* ex VAT

Generating approx 2.2kWh per 1kWp installed in the UK per day (conservative) = 110kWh per day

*Note: Pricing is purely indicative and subject to site survey. Does not include planning consideration or connection to the grid.


Return on investment (ROI) is a major consideration when designing an effective solution on a commercial solar installation. Solar Selections work with our clients expectations to provide solutions that have exceeded well above 15% ROI rates in the past. Understanding the weight needed for comparing investment opportunities of similar size, risk, conservation of working capital, land value and investment insurance is all a part of our process.

Please call Solar Selections Jarrah Harburn on 020 7205 2267 for any further information or advice.

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