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What are the different types of solar energy installations for a residential premises?

Residential Solar Power Installation, CheshireThere are two types of residential solar installations. The first and most common approach connects your home solar PV system to the national electricity grid. This 'grid-connected' setup enables you to feed surplus electricity back into the grid, and be financially rewarded for it by your energy company. See our Solar Feed-in Tariffs page for a break down of the rates.

The second is a 'Stand-Alone' system for remote homes and businesses where the expense of connecting solar panels to the grid is prohibitive. This system approach requires a battery bank, which is charged by your solar installation and in turn is used to power the property. A generator is usually required to act as a back up for the battery bank.

Other considerations: Solar panels for your home.

Who undertakes home solar panel installations and how long does it take?

Solar Selections will supply you with a free, informative and immediate Quote Comparisons of award-winning, local and competitive installers wherever you are in the UK. We are here to provide all the impartial information and guidance that you may need on the various prices, installers and products. This will mean that your choice of solar package is both an informed and educated selection.

The Quotes you receive will fully disclose your Solar Selections Discount.

Installation of an average sized home solar system generally takes a day or two. One day to install scaffolding and another to fit your system.

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I live in a residential apartment building. What are my solar energy options for my home?

There is usually ample and sunny roof space on many apartment buildings. You will need to obtain permission from your body corporate before any solar installation can go ahead. Alternatively, your body corporate itself may wish to power the building's common areas and lighting with a solar panel installation.

For more information, see our Feed-in Tariffs page. Please don't heistate to give us a call to discuss the options available to you.

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Where is best for the solar panels to be installed on the roof of my home?

Wherever you receive the most sunshine and the least shade. Your solar panels will usually be installed as subtly as is possible, however if you prefer your system can be installed on a free standing ground mount.

In the UK the highest solar energy yield can be achieved by having the solar panels facing south, and pitched at an angle of 30 degrees.

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What is an inverter and where will it be installed?

The inverter is the brain of your solar power system. The inverter's job is to convert DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity suitable for use in your home. A good inverter will do this in any conditions and at a consistently high efficiency level.

Inverters are usually similar in size to your home printer, and can be situated anywhere you wish (please note only some inverters are capable of being installed outside). Having said this, the inverter is best when installed as close to your solar panels as is practical. The reason for this is that AC power can be transported a lot more efficiently than DC, thus reducing losses.

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Do I need to maintain my home solar panel installation?

No, a solar system includes no moving parts, meaning no maintenance is required. The panels are designed to be self cleaning however, if you wish, the odd (once a year) clean won't hurt.

Your solar panels will come with a warranty of up to 80% performance for 25 years. A good inverter will run for more that 20 years (optional warranties available of up to 20yrs on some brands).

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What size solar panel installation will power my household needs?

[The table presented below is for guidance only. Exact household electrical demands fluctuate significantly depending on many factors including the energy efficiencies of different appliances and household insulation.]

Solar system power sizeHousehold electrical needs
450 Watt All your lights, TV, DVD player, sound system, microwave and kettle
900 Watt All the above uses plus your fridge, dishwasher and computer.
1.5 kW All the above uses plus either:
  • all other kitchen appliances such as your oven, grill and stove; or
  • all laundry appliances.
2.25 kW All the above needs plus almost everything else typically found in an average 3 bedroom home except air conditioning. You are essentially solar energy self sufficient!
3 to 5kW Complete solar self sufficiency, including standard use of air conditioning.

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