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Solar Selections is a FREE Residential Solar Panel Quote Comparison Service

Our services and advice are cost and obligation free.

We will never pass on your details to unsolicited third parties.

What can we offer?

- We can hand-pick 3 solar quotes for your home from price-competitive, local and award-winning solar panel installers.

- By comparing quotes you can save thousands and make informed decisions.

- Solar PV offers great returns, Payback: 5-6yrs, Average ROI >20% per annum.

- Contact us for free & impartial advice about everything solar.

What next?

Simply take 30 seconds to fill out the quote comparison request form to the right. You will be contacted by your personal Solar Selections solar broker, who will arrange for your personal Quotes and advice.

Alternatively, feel free to call us on 020 7205 2267 or drop a quick email to

Residential Solar Panel Installation


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How do we do it?

First of all, we do not install or sell our own solar power installations. Our aim is to supply you with a comparison of solar PV installers, components and discounted prices. This will enable you to make an informed decision on which Solar Power System is best for you.

We will tackle any questions you may have impartially and accurately, and our team will never attempt to persuade you to select one installer or package over another. We always act objectively when discussing our broad network of accredited and approved solar installers.

Upon completion of our simple, 30-second Solar Quote Comparison request form to the right, a Solar Selections Broker will assess your roof using aerial image technology. Your Solar Selections Broker will then call you to discuss your solar energy requirements, and then do the following:

Solar Analyse your claim to the multiple government solar loans and incentives, including the UK's Feed-in Tariff, which rewards you for up to a premium rate of 15.44p (in year 1) per unit of solar power produced by your solar panels for 20yrs. This is irrespective of how much solar power you consume yourself. The UK's Feed-in Tariff is one of the most generous solar schemes in the world.

Ensure you receive three quotes from our vetted network of solar system installers. The comparison will cover the spectrum of service, quality and price-conscious quotes that are available to you in a specific, simple way.

Be on hand to provide any advice or guidance you may request throughout the entire process. Your Solar Selections broker will remain with you both up to and even after installation should you need any assistance.

Better deals than going through the installer direct...

Due to our ability to provide a larger volume of sales to our chosen installers, as well as numerous commercial PV tenders under our management, we are able to deliver a better price for your solar PV  system than if you were to approach the installer directly. Your personal quotes will disclose your discount.

Solar Selections is a free service; you don't need to pay us anything. We only accept a small fee from the installer on the event of a successful installation.

Solar Choice: Solar Selections' Parent Company

Solar Choice was founded in 2008, based in Sydney, Australia. To date Solar Choice has delivered over 50,000 installations for its network of over 80 installers across Australia. Projects range from 1.5kWp systems right up to the MW's. Solar Choice has experience in managing Solar Communities, Public Sector work and projects with Multi-national Organisations.

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- Compare your Quotes and Save Thousands.

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Solar Panels cut your energy bills by 50% - 80% for the next 20 years

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- Only MCS & REAL Accredited Installers.
- Comparing Solar Quotes can save Thousands.

We've helped over 50,000 households
in the UK and Australia make a well
informed selection of their Solar Panel 
Installer, and find the Best Deal.

Thank you for your request for a Solar Quote Comparison.

Your personal Solar Selections Broker will call you shortly to identify your personal priorities in going solar, and generate your Personal Quote Comparison accordingly.

We are 100% Free and Impartial, and look forward to facilitating a better Solar Power Deal for you than if you went to installers directly.


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The Solar Selections Team

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