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Solar Selections Commercial Finance Package

Solar Selections Commercial can offer unique finance packages to provide ultra-competitive stimulus for the UK commercial Solar Panel market.

In most cases Self Financing Projects can be provided meaning that a Solar Panel Array pays for itself.

The Framework

1. A Hire Purchase allows for the use of a Solar Panel System without capital expenditure on a term lease arrangement. This form of lease has been in common commercial use for decades.

2. Terms of up to 10 years can be achieved, which spread the costs of Commercial Solar Panel projects sufficiently to keep them cash-flow positive.

3. There is no upper limit on the amount of finance available to qualifying applicants. The minimum amount is £25,000.

Key Advantages

1. In most cases, no capital expenditure is required for the installation to be completed.

2. A Solar Panel Installation can remain cash-flow positive for systems up to 250kWp.

3. As the repayments are tax deductible there are major advantages over a cash purchase aside from the obvious conservation of working capital.

4. Rental amounts are typically paid monthly over a 10 year period to qualifying applicants. Smaller terms are available.


1. Solar Selections will help a client to understand the various finance approaches available to the project in question. Once the preferred procurement method has been established, Solar Selections will conduct a tender in order to collect the most competitive offers for the supply and installation of the Solar Array.

2. Once the preferred installation contractor has been selected, the introduction will be made by Solar Selections to the contractor. In addition an introduction will be made by Solar Selections to the Financier offering the Hire Purchase. The financier will then start the vetting process in order to procure the most competitive finance package possible.

3. Upon approval by Solar Selections Commercial, the installer invoices the financier directly, and the system is paid for in full upon the client signing a Notice of Completion.

Case Study

Please click the following link for a recent financed project delivered by Solar Selections: Poultry Farm, Financed Solar Array.

For further information, please contact Solar Selections via email:

Jarrah Harburn, UK Director,

Office: 020 7205 2267

Jarrah Harburn, Mobile: 07 712 445 016

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