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How Solar Selections introduces you to solar system installers

We listen to your solar energy requirements and objectively and impartially address any queries you have. You may find that when speaking with installers directly they often speak of their products and services as being superior. However at Solar Selections as we represent a large range of installers, this allows us to offer the whole range of what is available in the market and can therefore offer impartial advice on the products that are right for you. Your Solar Selections Broker will not try to push or persuade you to go with one installer over another, we help you to a point where you can make an educated selection.

About the Solar Selections solar PV installer network

All of the solar photovoltaic (PV) installation companies on our network have the required certifications and experience to complete a quality install. Our installers are accredited through the UK's Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Solar Selections prides itself on the standard of photovoltaic installers that we present to our clients.

Our installer base covers the entire UK, utilising both national installers as well as local. Depending on your preference, you Solar Selections Broker can flag the local from the international organisations.

The Solar Selections process

We'll take an aerial view of your roof using Google Earth, and then provide you with a professionally compiled and easy-to-follow Quote Comparison of the panels, inverters, warranties, places of manufacture and prices offered by the Solar Selections approved installers who cover your area. This Quote Comparison will also disclose the Solar Selections Discount that you're entitled to. We then arrange for the installer you've selected to formalise your agreement. We remain with you should you require advice and assistance at every stage up to and even after installation.

We then arrange for the installer you've selected to formalise your agreement. We remain with you should you require advice and assistance at every stage up to and even after installation.

Installation of an average household system generally takes less than a day.

Because we provide a greater volume of work to our selected installers, we're able to arrange a better price for your installation than if you dealt with them directly. The quote you are given will fully disclose your discount.

You don't have to pay us anything. If you accept the quote, the installer pays Solar Selections for our efforts.

About solar power in the UK

Though the UK is not known for abundant sunshine, the solar market is growing quickly. According to recent research by IMS new solar installations will reach 250MW in 2011 compared with just 25MW in 2009. If the various schemes and incentives are successful, the market may grow to 850MW per year by 2016. Considering current high energy prices and the environmentally friendly outlook of many UK households, rapid future growth is very likely. A recent survey by YouGov revealed that 71% of UK households would consider installing green energy systems if the feed-in tariff was generous enough.

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