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Solar Power for Homes - Free Comparisons and Advice

We don't install solar panels ourselves. Instead, Solar Selections works with a network of over 50 solar system installers across the UK, helping our customers compare options across the market to find the solar panels and installer that are best suited to their requirements and budget. So far we have helped over 1000 UK residents make an informed decision about going solar. Because installers pay us for our efforts, our services can be 100% free to our customers. Read what our customers are saying about our services

Commercial Solar PV Experience

In addition to our residential services, Solar Selections can aid commercial clients in the procurement of solar PV. We manage tenders for a wide range of commercial clients, including multiple poultry farms, as well as some of the largest, multi-megawatt projects in the UK. Read more about our commercial activities

International Solar Experience

Our Sydney-based parent company, Solar Choice, has been helping Australians find the best deals on solar panels since 2008, having now helped over 50,000 people in their decision about installing a solar system. Solar Choice has also run tenders for a large number of high-profile commercial clients, including McDonald's and supermarket chain Woolworths, as well as local governments. Read more about Solar Choice's Australian commercial activities

Solar Communities
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